Kaimana: One Shoulder Mini Dress and Mediterranean Sandals



Hello All,

Happy Aloha Friday.

I have this love affair with Mediterranean inspired pieces. It takes me back to grade school and learning about Ancient Greece and Rome. I loved perusing pages and pages of Greek Architecture and learning about history. So much of Greek and Roman history permeates our culture today from architecture and fashion to everyday things that we take for granted.


Greek inspired fashion trends come and go but one thing remains the same, it comes back. I found this mini dress a few years ago and decided to bring it back in rotation for the summer. The cream color of the dress is a blank canvas for different accessories. For this particular outfit, I added brass and gold tone jewelry and made the focal point of the outfit the suede and leather wedge sandals.

 nano4 nano6nano7

DRESS purchased at eden in love (old)
SHOES charles by charles david (old)
RING gorjana (old)

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Feeling Blue


Happy Wednesday.

While the rest of the continental U.S. is cooling down. I still feel like it’s summer here, the humidity as of late has been a friendly remainder of tropical island weather. Truthfully, I’m missing the cooler weather and the ability to layer and wear cute sweaters. I’m really hoping for a colder winter in Hawaii sans torrential downpours. While we wait for sweater weather, I’m satisfied having more time to wear some of my summer favorites.


The gemstone blue of this dress screams Summer. I adore the shift silhouette with the asymmetric flounce detail of the hemline, a modern take on a classic cut. It adds a soft touch to a very structured neoprene. To break up the bold color, I added black and gray accessories to give it more shape and personality.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.

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DRESS j. crew
BELT  bcbg
SHOES christian louboutin

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Rainy Day Break: Salted Lemon



Happy Monday Everyone,

Hawaii has been hot and humid lately with our extended summer weather and potential storms in the Pacific.


On humid and rainy days like the ones we have been having, one of the healthiest treats are cold refreshing acai and papaya bowls at Salted Lemon. I completely adore their take on organic and healthy snacks and drinks. Not to mention the fresh flowers and adorable succulents that adorn their upcycled palette tables and walls.


The place has a distinct feeling of home and rightfully so, Patrick, the owner built the business as  an homage to his mom. He mentioned, that while she battled cancer and went through chemotherapy, he started looking at healthy food options and ingredients. He took this passion for health and built Salted Lemon to share healthy options with the community as well as support local growers that his parents once worked with when they ran Bob’s Market.




If you are in Honolulu, stop by Salted Lemon and take a break with healthy amazing food.


SHIRT j. crew outlet
OUTERWEAR  forever21
SHORTS old navy
SHOES grey by saks 5th avenue

Coordinated Stripes

Hello All,

I hope you are having a great weekend. Nothing gets old about black and white. It is a definite go to combination with so many possibilities.


The moment I saw this skirt, I fell in love with the unexpected take on stripes and the tulip construction. I really wanted to play up the stripes so I paired it with this striped raglan to create a coordinated look. I’m really like the results.  Let me know what you think.


Have a great weekend and let me know what you think.


TOP j. crew
SHOES christian louboutin
BELT bcbg

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Jumpsuits and Tea


During the summer I was in search for a great  jumpsuit to change up my wardrobe. I was set in finding one that had a culotte bottom.


I kept this outfit simple but wanted to break up the jumpsuit with a obi belt tied at the waist to separate the top and the bottom.


This is a perfect outfit for lunch dates and afternoon tea. Thanks again for reading. Let me know how you wear your jumpsuits.


JUMPSUIT forever21
BELT belts
SHOES christian louboutin

Dramatic Lengths: Asymmetric Blouse and Roses


Three months ago, I went to the HI Design Commune event. I got a chance to meet some of Hawaii’s designers and take a look at their summer collections. it always great to see designer interpretations of the seasons in Hawaii.


Being a big fan of stand out pieces, one particular piece that I fell in love with is this asymmetric blouse from Ten Tomorrow. It’s beautiful rose print and it’s delicate cascading pleats remind me so much of easy breezy summer days but the marsala in the print readily welcomes Fall. I’m glad that I can wear this piece a little longer. 



The cut of the piece makes it a statement top that’s great for a night on the town, dinner date with the girls or with the man.

Thanks again for reading. Take care and let me know what you think.


TOP ten tomorrow
SHOES louboutin

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Weekend Workout: Health, Fitness, and Progress



Hey everyone,

I hope you are having a great weekend so far.  I’ve been working on my schedule for  work, this blog, and setting aside time to work out.  Busy-ness always gets the best of us when it’s all about deadlines and meeting them on time and sometimes, we give up time set aside for our health to meet our goals.




Recently, I’ve been trying to get back into a real fitness schedule, whether hitting the gym on a regular basis or finding time to go out running and enjoy the outside air.  I think it’s absolutely important to take the time to take care of our health and fitness. On top of finding a real workout schedule, I’ve also been spending more time cooking in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. Being healthy and getting fit is definitely “work in progress” for me.

I’ve kind of broken my shopping diet by purchasing much needed updates in my workout wardrobe. I figured I needed a boost in motivating myself to go and work out.  I’ve really been loving the new work out collection from Forever 21; the color, the prints, and the styles have really been catching my eye. I think workout wear shouldn’t be boring at all. I really love outfits that look great but also function great. I like the fact that the pieces in the new collection function well for workouts but can also be worn with other outfits.  I can’t wait to style and incorporate these pieces into other outfits.

Thanks again for reading and share your thoughts.


TOP forever 21
SPORTS BRA target (similar)
BOTTOM forever 21 (similar)
SOCKS forever 21
SHOES adidas

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Urban Safari: Jumpsuit Style

jumpsuitHello All,

Hope you are having a great saturday. I’ve been on the look out for a great fitting jumpsuit. It’s an item I have put on my wish list.  There’s something about them that’s utilitarian and makes you feel like you can conquer anything. I have yet to find one that’s perfect for my petite frame. It’s a one piece so it tends to fit certain body types and shapes and finding the right one with the right fit is a little bit of trail and error.


While I wait to find “the one” I figured I’d create a faux jumpsuit look but pairing two items of the same fabric and color  to create the jumpsuit look without the jumpsuit sizing issue.  In addition, it’s  little bit more bathroom friendly.



Have a great weekend and let me know what you think.


TOP h&m
SHOES kate spade
BELT bcbg
NECKLACE stella and dot

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

My 10 Essential Pieces Part 2: The Icing

Hello Everyone,

In my last post, I covered the basics pieces of my wardrobe. The pieces I mentioned build the foundation from which I to create outfits. I hope you found the list helpful.

This post looks at essential items that  add or finish an outfit.

6. Trusty Outerwear

Depending on the look you want to achieve, there are many options to layer over your basic pieces. Each type of outer wear has a distinct effect. A blazer, naturally dresses up anything from a tee to a shift dress. A jacket, preferably a leather jacket changes the look entirely, giving an outfit a bit of an edge while a cardigan tames an outfit and gives it a relax comfy look. My go to outerwear are cardigans and pullover sweaters. It keeps me lightly covered when needed and keeps me warm when it’s a little chilly here in Hawaii.


Bamboo woven cardigan

Photo credit: Adam Levine Photo

7. Pumps

The pump is definitely a great shoe for every outfit and occasion. Every girl needs a pair of black and nude non platform pumps with an almond or rounded toe in the closet. They go with just about anything and they never go out of style.  These styles of pumps are more classic in their silhouette and tend to be closet mainstays. Shoes not only compliment the outfit but they should also be comfortable to wear. Some things to consider when shopping for pumps, consider the fit and the material of the shoes. Evaluate the pair’s length, pitch, heel height, width, padding, toe box area, arch support, and type of leather. If you want to get adventurous with pumps, try a red or an animal print pump to add some color and interest to outfits.


Christian Louboutin  “Yoyo” open toe pumps. One of my favorite shoes. 

Photo credit: Adam Levine Photo

8. Sandals

Sandals are a must have for the closet. They are great throughout the year in tropical areas and for Spring and Summer months in northern areas. They are great for many outfits and ocassions.  When shopping for sandals, I gravitate towards sandals are black, brown, or nude. Some considerations that I have when shopping for a pair are leather quality, stitching, height, and style. I gravitate towards a styles that I am the most comfortable wearing.


Golden Gladiator Sandal by Grey Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Photo credit: Adam Levine Photo

9. Statement Accessories

A great belt, a printed scarf, a statement necklace or a ring are great pieces that add to an outfit. Accessories can be obtained at any price point.  I gravitate towards accessories that help to finish and refine the look of an outfit. I also look at its pairing power, quality, and maintenance as well as price per wear. While accessories are often trendy and seasonal, I gravitate towards accessories that have long shelf life and will be great additions to my existing wardrobe.


Express Brass Bib necklace. 

Photo credit: Adam Levine Photo

10. Black Handbag

A black handbag is a must have for any wardrobe. It can be obtained at any price point but somethings to consider when  when shopping for a black handbag is high quality, logo free, subtle hardware and a clean structure. It should be an item that will stand the test of time and a bag that can go with many outfits and shoe pairings. In addition, your bag should fit the needs of your lifestyle and activity. I gravitate towards bags that hold items are roomy and hold everything I need.


Michael Kors 

Photo credit: Glenn Andaya Photo

Accessories are like the icing on a cake. They add to the wardrobe by adding flavor and finish. I hope this post and the last was helpful. Please like this post and let me know with a comment. Thanks again for reading.



My 10 Essential Pieces Part 1: The Cake

This year, I’ve been more deliberate in my choosing of pieces to add to my wardrobe. It was a calculated decision on my part to be more conscious of what I add and take away from my existing wardrobe.

In honesty, I’ve been in a bit of a lull, a fashion writer’s block, if you want to call it that. Don’t get me wrong. I know what works for me and what cuts fit me better than most, what colors are complimentary, what pairings to put together but I’ve been stuck, like we all are sometimes. I’ve stared at my closet full of clothes and thought to myself, I have nothing to wear. I’ve looked at my pairs of shoes but feel like I don’t have the right type of shoes to go with this outfit or that.

For the past month or so, I’ve been soul searching in the fashion sense. Trying to figure out how to work with my wardrobe, trying to find the science and math behind outfit pairings so that I could maximize my wardrobe without forfeiting my translation of current trends, styles, my fashion perspective and more importantly, me. The most important part of the equation in fashion is the individual. It is ultimately the person and not the clothes that make the outfit not the other way around. Fashion is surprisingly very autobiographical, like our lives, it is distinct to us and our needs.

With that in mind, I can not help but revisit the Ten Most Essential Pieces. Everyone has their own version of the list, why not, we all have our absolute go to pieces. Nevertheless, what you chose is definitely a reflection of your personal style, profession, lifestyle, and geographic location.

This post and the next will talk about the ten items that are the most essential in building my outfits. Much like a cake, outfits work with a great base. Once the base is set then its time accessorize.


1. T-Shirts

They come in all shapes, sizes, prices, cuts and prints and out of the many pieces in my closet it is the most versatile. It is great for layering and great by itself. It can be dressed up or down and definitely goes with everything and it is the most reasonable to obtain. They come as inexpensive at $4 or as expensive at $100. I personally like the inexpensive ones, they work just the same and sometimes their quality is much better. I select my tees by their texture and feel. I personally like softer knit fabrics. On top of finding t-shirts that are softer, I also like t-shirts that have details that add personality to an outfit like pleats, drape, or combined with other fabrics. Another thing you need to about t-shirts, they are very easy to modify according to your needs.


Allison Izu grecian draped tee. One of my personal favorites to pair and accessorize.

Photo credit: Adam Levine Photo

2. A Great Pair of Jeans

A great pair of jeans is a definite closet staple.  Through the years, I have tried on different styles, cuts, fabrics, and brands.  Finding a great pair is sometimes a challenge but when you do find the one and it fits just right, it’s like love, it’s meant to be. While denim cuts are trendy, I’ve come to rely on the one cut that flatters my body the most. When I find a pair of jeans that fits really well, I do what most people do in that situation, I buy several pairs of the same cut and brand of jeans, sometimes in different washes. I also make sure to have one pair in a darker wash for dressier outfits.

Leopard in the Desert

Printed Trousers from Zara

Photo credit: Km2Creative 

3. The Pencil Skirt

So classic and goes with anything, it is my absolute favorite type of skirt. It’s slimming and sometimes curve hugging. It can be dressed down for an easy breezy day of errands, dressed up for a fancy dinner or a night out with the girls and still work for high powered business meetings. They come in different fabrics, prints, textures, lengths and sometimes heights.  The basic black pencil skirt is a must for your wardrobe. When looking for a basic black pencil skirt, look for quality fabrics and stitching as well as light lining. Because the shape is so classic, I find pencil skirts in season appropriate prints and fabrics to add to my existing wardrobe.


Zara Floral Pencil Skirt paired with an Old Navy Sleeveless Button Down Shirt

Photo credit: Adam Levine Photo

4. The Button down

My ultimate blouse of choice, is the button down shirt. It is a closet staple that has never gone out of style and it is definitely a wardrobe workhorse. While a white button done  is a wardrobe must, through the years, I’ve added different colors, prints, and sleeve lengths to the collection that I rotate throughout the year.  The button down is an easy pairing piece. It can be layered under or over another piece. It can top a pair of shorts, a skirt, a pair of jeans, slacks, and even a pair of overalls or a jumpsuit. Longer ones can be worn as a short dress or a cover up for a day at the beach.


J Crew Polka Dot Button Down paired with a Floral Pencil Skirt from Ann Taylor. One of my favorite mixed print pairings. 

Photo credit: Adam Levine Photo

5. Shift Dress

Another great basic is the shift dress. The slimming cut is flattering for many body types. I love that can be dressed up in so many different ways. A simple floppy hat can make it lunch date appropriate, a blazer can make it seriously business, a little bit of sparkle and pearls can make a great outfit for dinner dates. A shift dress in basic black is perfect for that go to Little Black Dress.

J Crew Shift Dress in Polka Dot Print accessorized with a bow belt from Ann Taylor. 

Photo credit: Taryn Reid Photography

These basics have been  my absolute go to items for years. They are reliable, timeless, and lasting. I hope you enjoyed this post. I know I have enjoyed writing it. Let me know what you think. Take care and thanks again for reading.