Orange You Glad It’s Spring: Color Pick Me Up

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Hello All,

Hope you are having a great weekend. I find that wearing color really changes how you I  feel and my outlook about anything, so with that in mind, I’ve been trying to incorporate them into my daily clothing choices.  A color, I have been loving for spring is orange. It’s one of those colors that instantly brightens the day. I like adding it to neutral outfits that need a pop of color.

 So What color brightens your day? Let me know. Take care and thanks again for reading.



Smile, Laugh, and Sparkle


As of late, life has been bustling with projects that I haven’t found time to sit down and write a new blog post. After working on a DIY project, I wanted to take advantage of this sliver of quiet time to gather my thoughts. There is so much to share with you because so many things are happening all at the same time. I do want to let you know that there are lots of things in store for this blog and I cannot wait to reveal them in time.

When life gets a little busy, I always try to remind myself to take a moment to spend time with people who can make me laugh and smile. Until next time.


sequins2a sequins3A sequins1a


SHIRT forever21
PANTS 7 for all mankind
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Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Something Old, Something New: Putting it All Together



croppedsweater3Hello All,

My photographer and I wanted to try something new by doing a night time shoot. Let me know how it turned out. One of the hardships with night time shoots is always lighting. I think he did a good job with what little light we had available.

I have recently examine my closet and realized that my closet is a mixture of pieces that I have collected over the years; pieces from college that I try too keep in good condition, hand me down pieces, pieces I have found on Ebay, discounted and outlet items, some vintage and thrifted acquisitions and new pieces. Despite where I have found most of the pieces from my closet, one thing remains the same, they all fit my style. It’s not as incohesive as described above, there is definitely a running style thread that makes all the pieces in my closet fit together.

This outfit is just that, a hodge podge of different items that just fit together.  From my pairs of Christian Louboutin heels to vintage items liked this polka dot skirt which was a great find from Barrio Vintage, a local vintage shop, to the cropped short sleeve sweater from the  Peter Pilotto for Target collection and the glue that ties them to together, is a classic white button down shirt that can be worn with anything.

One quote that sticks out to me from one of my favorite designers as a child, Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades, Style is Eternal.” Stay Stylish Ladies and Gentlemen.




SHIRT forever21
SWEATER peter pilotto for target
SKIRT barrio vintage
SHOES christian louboutin (old)

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Spring Confidence: Silver Spoon Jewelry and Mockingbirds and Hummingbirds






Hey Everyone,

Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope you are having a great week. Spring is around the corner and I cannot wait  for Spring blooms and the beautiful sounds of birds in the morning.

I have always been fascinated with bird patterns and motifs. I love how birds can go where ever they please with a flap of their wings or have beautiful feather coats with colorings that can inspire outfits. Birds are delicate, strong, beautiful, and bold.  A bird that strikes my interest is the mockingbird, the master of imitation and languages, it often represents learning through experience, curiousity, intelligence, and confidence. They remind me of the women in my family who have traveled the world to learn and teach and the conversations I had with my great grand aunts who lived in foreign lands at the dinner table when I was little. The beautiful silverware they gathered from different parts of the globe telling me of their great travels.

When Silver Spoon Jewelry approached me about doing a blog post and I had the opportunity to choose a piece that I connected  with the first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful hummingbird piece that’s new to their line, it reminded me of mockingbirds. It’s vintage appeal, it reminds me of my great aunts stories that inspired me as a child visiting at the family house in Caaoacan in the Philippines. Like mockingbirds, hummingbirds have many talents that allow them to be resilient as well as achieve great feats despite their small size.

To celebrate the women in your family, whether they are your aunt, mother, sister, cousin, or any special woman in your life, Silver Spoon Jewelry is offering free shipping on all orders using the promo code  ShoesForEveryday2014 until the end of April just in time for Mother’s day.

Thank you again for reading. Take care and Enjoy the rest of your week.


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BROOCH silver spoon jewelry use promo code: ShoesForEveryday2014 until the end of April
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Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Blurred Lines: Modern Wiggle Dress and Sparkle





Happy Sunday Everyone!

I have always been a fan of stripes. I am going to admit that I have a lot of striped pieces in my closet from button downs, shirts, skirts, and most especially dresses.  I gravitate towards thinner horizontal and vertical stripes that are printed closer together just because they elongate and accentuate my petite frame. I look for silhouettes that are more fitted because the stripes create the illusion of contouring the body.

How do you wear your stripes?  Like this post and leave a comment below and let me know what you think.  Thanks again for reading.




DRESS fighting eel
SHOES christian louboutin “very prive”
NECKLACE oiajules

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Affordable Designer: Peter Pilotto for Target




I love to stroll through downtown Honolulu. I like the blending of old and new, the vintage and the modern.  When I saw this dress from the Peter Pilotto for Target collection, I instantly fell in love with stained glass kaleidescope design. I like how the light blue in the dress fades into the vibrant orange and pink.  It reminds ofme orchids floating in water.  I’m fairly new at following designer collaborations of Target and  H and M, but I always manage to find a couple of pieces from each collection that I can work into my wardrobe.

I am going to admit that adding something designer to the closet for an affordable price is exciting and not to mention, pocketbook friendly.  You can say, like many people, I love designer items, but I am also on a budget. So a girl can appreciated when H and M or Target has designer collaborations that make designer items accessible and affordable for mass consumption. It’s gives people like you and me access to designers, but  it’s also a great opportunity for designers to get exposure.

I’ve been waiting for the Peter Pilotto for Target colloboration for a couple of months now. I definitely picked out my favorite items last month when the lookbook came out. I love the classic and architectural lines of the collection as well as the refreshing kaleidescope prints that Peter Pilotto is known for.   When the Peter Pilotto for Target collaboration arrived two  weeks ago in stores, I decided to check it out to see if the items I picked out were still available. I bought three items from the collection, a cropped sweater, a dropped waist dress and  the dress featured above. I chose pieces from the collection that I thought worked best with items already in my closet. I have to be honest, I had some difficulty choosing among the items that I picked out and finally choose items according to fit and color.

What did you chose from the collection? Let me know.



DRESS peter pilotto for target
SHOES christian louboutin “yoyo”
BAG proenza schouler
NECKLACE forever21

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Pretty in Pink: Sparkle, Pearls and Pink Tulle


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having an amazing week. The week is almost over and the day of love, hearts and passion is just around the corner.

I had a talk with my aunt the other day about my childhood dreams and she reminded that before I even started school, she remembers me loving to dress up to put on fashion shows or practicing pirouette and plié movements in ballet performances on the staircase landing of my grandmother’s house. She knew back then that I had always loved fashion and the arts. It is a dream that has never gone away. She reminded me that my first love was always and is always with me today and that it’s never really to late to follow my dreams. Perhaps the true meaning of love is just that, to follow what makes our soul the happiest and our dreams within reach.

As the holiday of love, humanity, passion, care, and romantic gestures comes, perhaps the one thing we forget is that the person who started it in history followed his dream of sharing love with people. We often forget that the holiday is far more than gestures of love with a significant other, shapes of hearts, candy, and flowers but rather gestures of love to human kind and to follow our passions despite judgement.

To celebrate my love for the arts and to remind me that my dreams are just within reach, is a tulle skirt, pearls and some sparkle. Perfect for an evening to celebrate dreams, wishes, and hopes.

Thank you again reading. I hope you have an amazing weekend full of joy and happiness. And don’t forget dreams are always within reach.





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Where All the Flowers Bloom: Floral Skirt and Polka Dot Shirt


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

While going to the grocery store the other day, I was completely inspired by the beautiful orange flowers on this wall. They reminded of spring and summer weather and a floral skirt I bought last year that is vibrant and so full of life. I could not wait to go home and play with different pairings for the skirt. After some thought, I decided to pair if with a polka dot button down that accents the magenta and orange orchid design. It was a little rainy today, and the floral design reminded me that spring is just around the corner.




Thank you again for reading. Take care.



TOP j crew
SKIRTS ann taylor
SHOES  yoyo by christian louboutin
RINGS fork ring, random stacking rings, tiffany and co.
BRACELETS bracelets with a message

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Let’s Chill: Sweatshirts and Jeans

IMG_6094Hawaii’s winter weather is nothing like the one you find on the continent. Snow only covers our highest mountains for a short period of time. This winter has been wet and windy and definitely unpredictable. The temperatures have dropped to the low 60′s and mid 50′s here.  “Cold” for Hawaii standards if you ask me. When the weather drops, it’s definitely time to bring out the sweaters and the sweatshirts.  Recently, sweatshirts and jeans have been my uniform for the “colder” weather in Hawaii.  It keeps me warm, cozy, and comfortable on chilly days. I like to pair mine with jeans that have interesting textures and prints and keep it interesting by layering necklaces over them.Sweatshirts



So what’s your colder weather uniform? Let me know.

Thank you again for reading. Take care and have a great Monday.



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SHOES christian louboutin (old)
RINGS silver spoon jewelry, unbranded
BRACELETS handmade by me
NECKLACE forever21, leslie danzis

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Vintage Appeal: Damask Print and Pearls





I gravitate towards classic silhouettes with unexpected fabrics and prints. When I first saw this shift dress, I instantly fell in love with the bold damask print. I love it’s vintage appeal and charm. I definitely could not wait to pair it with strands of pearls and silver accents.

Thank you again for reading. Take care and blessings.



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NECKLACE forever21 (old)
BRACELETS handmade by me

Photo Credit: Adam Levine