Flowers in the Shade: Sleeveless Button Downs and Floral Pencil Skirt


I’ve always been a fan of the classic pencil skirt in unexpected prints. I feel in love with this skirt last spring because of its bold red poppy print against the deep violet background. I love the contrast of the two colors and how compliment each other so well. They remind me of the beautiful perenials that welcome the Spring sunshine.


The personality of the skirt is so strong that I decided to highlight by using neutral accessories.


This is a perfect outfit for afternoon tea with friends.


Thanks again for reading. Let me know how you dress for easy going Spring afternoons.


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Spring in my Steps: Black, White, and Floral


Hey Everyone,

I hope you are having an amazing Monday. Spring is in the air and I could not help but celebrate the beginning of Spring with some floral print shoes. I found these last year and instantly fell in love. I just adore the roses in bloom and how they remind me of afternoon tea in the garden with friends. I love how the print of the shoe updates the classic silhouette of the pointed toe pump.


I must admit that the shoes is definitely the focal point of this whole outfit. I wanted to highlight the beautiful print on the shoe so I decided to keep everything black and white with subtle details; the quilting on the clutch, the drape design on the shirt,  and the velvet texture of the pants. I do hope to show off this pair in the future with more outfit pairings.

Do you own a pair of shoes that reminds you of Spring? Let me know and share with me your thoughts.



.: Outfit:.

TOP zara
PANTS j brand
SHOE kate spade “licorice”
BAG found at tj maxx

Spring is Here: Shirt and Stripes


Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having a great first day of Spring.  One of the major Spring trends that I’m loving right now are shirt dresses. I’m a huge fan of button down shirts and shirt dresses have the same appeal for me. Shirt dresses are easy to put on and embellish. You can definitely dressed them up or down and accessorize how ever you want.  It is a versatile piece you can definitely wear on its own or wear over a pair of skinny jeans or even tuck under a pencil skirt.  It’s a piece that is a great addition to any wardrobe. Ideally, I would recommend finding one that is plain colored or pinstriped if you want to give it staying power in your wardrobe.


I picked this up on sale a couple of years ago while shopping at a local Hawaii boutique called Eden in Love. I instantly fell in love with the colorful stripes and the soft feel and drape of the fabric. Here I finished the look up with a leather obi belt and some nude pumps to give my legs some length.


Thanks again for Reading.




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Review: Hunter Rain Boots


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been meaning to do a shoe review for a while now. I think the last shoe review I did was on the Mohop Bespoke Sandals that I know. I am hoping to do at least one review per month if my pocketbook will let me.

For a couple of years now, I have been looking at a pair Hunter Rain boots. It was definitely on my boot wish list. I read through a lot of reviews on the item before I decided to finally take the plunge and purchase myself a pair. Because of my petite frame. some things that I considered before purchasing was  fit and the height of the boot shalf.

I decided to buy my pair of Hunter Rain boots last December before heading out to Northern Michigan. There were two reasons for this purchase. One, the rain boots would come in handy in Hawaii for the rainy seasons. For the most part people here like to wear their flip flops (in Hawaii we call them slippers) or whatever shoes that they have. I personally do not like it when my feet gets wet in the rain unless I am dressed like I am going to the beach. The second reason is that I wanted to see if it really worked in the snowy weather. It was definitely worth a try.

Before taking the plunge and purchasing a pair. I read reviews about Hunter boots for a while and perused different opinions on petite friendly sizing. So while certain colors were on sale at Nordstrom and decided to go and  check them out. I was torn between the women’s size five in the regular and the women’s size five short. I know that a lot of petite women recommend trying the children’s Big Kid size 3. After trying out the adult sizes, I decided to try out the Big Kid boots for myself. I found myself in the kids section of Nordstrom. I left Nordstrom not purchasing one that day. I wanted to do more research before completely committing to a pair.  After some thought, i decided on purchasing the children’s version. Some things that helped me consider:

1. a children’s size 3 is the same as a women’s size 5.

2. The shaft for the children’s size 3 was a lot more fitting to my height and frame than the women’s size 5.

3. The boots are made with the same material and have the same use and the price difference was about $100. So I went with the more cost effective version.

4. They look a little different, child size shoes has reflectors while the women’s do not have reflectors. I personally do not mind the reflectors. The socks cover the reflectors at the top and the bottom reflectors are hardly noticeable.

5. Calve sizing on the children’s Big Kid size was a bit looser than the Women’s version. I have bigger calves so this was a welcomed feature.



I initially bought socks to go with these hunter boots but have since returned them. I was given heated socks to use with mine for the cold Michigan winter. They actually worked better than the Hunter brand socks.


After two months of owning a pair of Hunter  Rain Boots they have really come in handy. I wore the boots mainly in Michigan  in the snow. They manage to keep my feet dry and warm for the times I used them on the trip. They worked better than my Dr. Marten’s in keeping my toes and my feet insulated in the light snow that we got up there. It’s great for walking around in lightly dusted areas but it definitely is not for heavier snow mainly because I do not know if the bottom of the boots have the grip needed. Besides snow, I have used it in torrential Hawaii rain when the streets are a bit flooded. At this point in time, I am satisfied with the purchase. If you have any questions feel free to comment or send me an email.



Of Polka dots and Cardigans


Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having an amazing weekend spent with your family and friends. Recently, the weather in Hawaii is a bit cooler than usual.  It is times like this that I bring out the light sweaters and cardigans. They are my absolute favorite laying piece. I have several colors of lights sweaters and cardigans that are good to pair with pieces in my closet that are more neutral.


For this outfit, I started with a black and white base and added a pop of orange-red. I love to add brighter colors to black and white outfits.


Thanks again for reading. Let me know what you think.



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Sunday DIY: Propagating Succulents

Hello All,

As promised, I am back with my adventures of being a succulent gardener. I have managed to be somewhat successful in propagating them. It helps that a friend’s mom gave me major pointers about growing them and the good old world wide web has manage to help me keep them alive and healthy. Whew! For a minute there, I thought I was going to completely give up on this gardening idea if my succulents did not survive.

Two months ago, I decided to venture into propagating them. Everything I have read so far says this is suppose to be easy. So there are three ways to propagate succulents:


1. leaves — This is by far the easiest and the least obtrusive to the plant. Simply twist a leave off, preferably the older ones at the bottom of the plant that are still healthy and not shriveling up. Let them callus over a couple of days then lay them on soil and viola, in a week or two you’ll see roots or new leaves depending on the kind of succulent you are trying to propagate. So far this has been the most successful for me.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERALeaf propagation method: above shows different leaves growing into new succulent plants.

2. cuttings — Sometimes the parent plant will grow little plants right on the main stem. Simply cut them off with gardening sheers. Let the cutting callus over and replant into new soil. The baby plant should start to establish roots in about one or two weeks.

imageAbove is a succulent cutting growing out roots.

3. dividing — By far, this propagation method is extremely bold and quiet dangerous for the parent plant. Cut the parent plant in half. Let both parts callus over. In this method, the top half can be replanted and will take root in about one to two weeks. The bottom half of the plant will regrow the top of the plant. I have not really had much luck with having both parts survive this process.

imageAbove is a succulent plant divided into three parts. So far, only the top portion has rotted. The bottom, has not yet grown leaves and the middle portion, is still in the process of rooting. Also pictured, are leaves from the plant rooting and growing small leaves.

Some tips to keep in mind when propagating succulents:

  • Rooting hormone is not necessary but it helps a little.
  • To prevent leaves from rotting it is important you allow the plant to callus over before placing them in soil.
  • Cactus soil is the most ideal type of soil for succulents. I like the one from Miracle Grow. It may be more expensive than other brands but the plants flourish in it.
  • Don’t over water your plant. Water once a week  and make sure it gets lots of sun. Succulents love the sun. Do not skimp on the Vitamin D.
  • Do not hover. Allow the plant to grow on its own.
  • Do not be discouraged when the baby plants do not survive. Propagating plants takes practice.

I am by no means a expert. I’m just sharing methods that has helped me survive as a gardener. Let me know what you think.



imageA couple of plants were successfully propagated from leaves. The first pot shows a plant that rooted from a leave and grew small leaves then the parent leaf dried and broke off. The second pot, shows this process.

imageDifferent succulent leaves in the process of rooting.

Saturday Nostalgia

maroonHello All,

They say that the person you are today is a reflection of who you were in the past, just better.  I have to admit the things that I pick out for my closet now definite reflect certain memorable items from my childhood.



I’ve always loved beaded jewelry. I think the first beaded piece of jewelry I owned was given to me by my mother. It was a bracelet made of red seads with black dots at the very tip of each bead. They were strung up on a wax linen string. I adored it as a child. Today, I pick out beaded jewelry that I love to wear over and over again with different outfits. I love their earthy character.


Besides beaded jewelry, I’ve always loved the feel of a great pair of jeans. I must have been in the 5th grade when I learned that a great pair was essential. I adore this biker style black pair of jeans. I love the textured knees.



What are items in your closet take you back to your childhood? Let me know. Take care.




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Northward: Packing for Winter Weather


Hello Everyone,

These pictures were taken a couple of days before we got back home from Michigan. The snow lightly covered the area where we stayed.


 I got a chance to test out my Hunter Rain Boots in the snow.



I had hoped to do this post closer to my trip to Michigan but since it’s snowing heavy back east, I figured it would be cool to do a packing post. It’s rare, I visit the continental U.S during the winter and this time around I decided to just take carry-on luggage given that flights usually get moved, delayed, and cancelled. Also, I really did not want to lose luggage going to and from my destination.

The trip was about a week and a half to Northern Michigan where the temperatures get really low. We checked weather reports up until the day we left, it was to make sure that we were packed accordingly.

This is what I packed in my carry-on.


L to R:  top row: plaid shirt, j. crew. red pullover, forever 21. chambray button down, j. crew. middle and bottom rows: thermal long sleeve t-shirts, old navy. sweat shirt, old navy. cable knit sweater, old navy.



L to R:  top row: skirt, j. crew. cordoroy jeans, j brand jeans. lace shoulders dress, h and m. middle row: wool skirt, j. crew. quilted leather clutch, found at t.j. maxx. flower crystal necklace, leslie danzis. bottom rows: skinny belts in red and leopard, ann taylor. jeans, old navy. leather belt, american eagle.  necklace, elizabeth stone jewelry, pearl and pyramid bangles, j. crew.


L to R:  cowl neck sweater, old navy. chevron scarf, eden in love. coat, ross.

I kept most of my pieces neutral with lots of browns, grays, and beige. I also added some color to my wardrobe with pops of red. I brought three pairs of shoes; a regular pair of lace up boots (they are my go to Dr. Marten’s knee high boots),  a pair of strappy pumps (my favorite Christian Louboutin shoes as seen in my New Year’s post)  and a the Hunter boots that I decided to test out in the snow. They definitely kept my toes warm with heated socks. I found the heated socks work better than the regular hunter socks (thanks to my boyfriend’s dad, who got them for me.) I did not picture that pairs of shoes here because I use them often on this blog.

I hope that I am able to do a styling post for the pieces that I brought in a future post. I have to admit, the outfits worked out better than I expected and they managed to keep me warm. Not bad for a newbie in winter weather.

I hope you are having a great start of your week. Take care and let me know you think.



Cobalt Blue


Hey everyone!


I hope you are having a great Saturday. I’m loving the clear blue skies we have been having lately.



I’m currently loving blues. I am really loving the richness of the color and the peacefulness it exudes. One of the pieces from my closet that I’ve been pairing for different outfits is this cobalt blue pencil skirt. For this outfit, I paired it with a striped button down, a nude pair of shoes, and a little bit of bling.

Let me know what you think. Take care and thanks for reading.



SHIRT h and m
SKIRT j. crew
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NECKLACE elizabeth stone jewelry


Anniversaries, Bows, Pearls, and Audrey

bows and pearls

Hello Everyone,

This past weekend marked the 3rd year anniversary of A Pair of Shoes For Everyday. This blog has taught me so much in the past couple of years about myself, my personal style as well as blogging. I am truly grateful for all the support that all of you have given me. I want to say THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to share with you my dreams. This blog would not be possible without all of you.

bows and pearlsTo the all the individuals who have helped me along the way (my friends, my family, my readers, my followers, the people who have sponsored this blog, my photographer and guest photographers, and the blogging community) thank you for your constant support and love. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to work with all of you and be inspired by you. I do not know where this blog will take me in the coming year, all I know is that I cannot wait for this blogging year to be AMAZING.

bows and pearlsI wanted to celebrate the blog’s anniversary with an inspired look by one of my favorite style icons, Audrey Hepburn.  A classic a-line dress, a simple but elegant strand of pearls and a simple pair of red pumps that speaks to the timelessness of great style.

I hope your week will be amazing.

With thankfulness and love,




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