Rainbows and Rain Boots in Hawaii Rain

by Elle

In Hawaii, it rains for a major part of the year. In honesty, it’s either sunny or rainy here, those are the only two major weather conditions. Although, we do have snow, it’s only on the peaks or higher elevations. The fall and winter months in Hawaii marks the season for rain and rainbows. Not a day goes by between September to January where you don’t see a rainbows here.

On that note, I often wondered why rain boots are not popular here when almost half the year Hawaii has rain. It got me thinking of investing in a pair of classic rain boots for the fall, winters, and spring months when it rains so much here. I’ll definitely been on the lookout for a great pair of rain boots. I like the idea that they are water resistant and they keep your toes warm and dry. And yes, it does get colder for us here in Hawaii mainly because of the wind chill factor during the winter months.

Hunter has some very cute styles, the knee high rain boots might be a little to much from my petite frame but we will see. I was also looking for rain boots that have cute prints on them just to change it up a little. In honesty, I’m really only looking for a plaid or polka dot print but it’s been fun looking through the many different prints that are out there. I like looking at online stores like Zappos because it’s easy to compare all the different types, styles, prints and prices in one place. I will definitely need to do more research.

Do you have rain boots? What brands or brand do you like? I would love to hear what you think?

Hope you have an amazing Veteran’s Day Holiday. I wanted to thank all the veterans and current soldiers for sacrifices they have made for our country. Blessings always and take care.