The Art of Shopping Lists

Hey all,

Happy Sunday to you! Hope you are all doing well. I’ve been liking the chillier nights here in Hawaii. It doesn’t get as chilly as the continent but honestly, it’s been welcomed. Summer and early fall here get very warm and humid so cooler weather is always a plus. I’ve been bringing out the light sweaters and jackets recently. I’m loving it.

One of the reasons for this blog was to help me work through my shopping and to fine tune my style. It’s biggest help:

1. I no longer impulse buy
2. I wait and think about my purchases
3. I actually think about pros and cons to shopping for an item
4. I look for quality in the clothing and shoes I purchase
5. Less shopping means, I can enjoy using the items in my closet a lot more
6. It’s allowing me to be creative and play with my style far more than I use to
7. I’m learning to love each piece in my closet and if I don’t love it anymore, I’m definitely allowing someone else to have the opportunity

Such a simple thing but the impact is so great. At least for me, it’s helped a lot.

What’s a closet shrinking trick that you have learned? Let me know.