Is Anyone Out There Really Listening. . .

by Elle

I first started this blog to not only understand my style but to understand how I truly shop for items to add in my closet. I have learned far more than I have every imagined about myself, my style, and my shopping habits. The person I was last year before this blog is not the person I am today. My style has definitely evolve into something that I am prouder of everyday.

I am not much of a trend hunter. I don’t slap together trends and hope for the best. I love what I love and I gravitate to items and add them to my closet because I have a personal connection with them which often is not dictated by what’s accepted in the mainstream whatever it may be.  I love mixing prints and adding color more so now than ever. I am finally stepping out of my box and finding my true style self.

Price has always dictate what I add to my closet. I am a bargain hunter but now I am more conscious of what I add to my closet. As much as possible I don’t like to pay full price for high price items. If I like it enough, I wait it out. As a result, many pieces in my closet aren’t limited to a season or a year, they are timeless pieces. It also helps that I live in a place that is not dictated by season although that’s still  arguable by some people.

The other reason why I started this blog was to see if I had any kind of impact on anyone and their style. Hence,

Is anyone out there really listening or reading?

I see page views but am I really having any sort of impact on anyone? That is the constant question I ask myself. I think I really only do this blog for myself but a part of me hopes to have a much greater impact or place in the blogging world. I think I’m okay with doing this for myself for now. I would love to have a full time devoted photographer but in my case, I’m cool with the help of friends who have helped me out. Most pictures, the ones that I am not in, are mine. I love to take pictures of things that inspire me and share them with you.

I do appreciate all the comments, I read each one of them and try to reply to everyone that comments or at least try. They actually make my day. It helps me to know there are people who actually read what I have on this blog. THANKS to my few and devoted readers.

Still the question remains, is anyone out there really listening or reading? Where will this blog go? I’m excited to find out where all of this is taking me. Is this going to help me fulfill my childhood dreams somehow? I cannot help but be excited. Hope you join me.