Orange You Glad It’s Almost Summer: Zara Colorblocked Ankle Strap Heels

by Elle

Orange Color Block Zara Sandals

IMG_3639Hello All,

Hope you are having an amazing day! I picked up these Zara heels in the beginning of Spring when they first came out on the Zara website. I often have the issue of finding my size going out of stock so when I see my size and  if I really like the pair of shoes I find the need to purchase it as soon as possible. My shoe size at Zara is hard to come by, I have to admit, they make a lot of cute shoes none of which are in my size. I’m finding that a lot of brands rarely carry size 5 shoes. A lot of shoes start at either size 5.5 an 6. For women with smaller feet, it is welcomed when a brand decides to create petite feet friendly shoes. I have found throughout the years that higher end brands carry smaller sizes, the only down side to that is paying the price of the shoe.