Adding Color To Your World

by Elle






Photo Credit: Adam Levine

While perusing articles to get ideas for creating outfits, I realized that color plays a very important role. It not only gives interest to an outfit but life as well. How does one work with color? Is there a right or wrong way? There are definitely many ways to add color to an outfit. I’m going to be honest with you, When I first started out, I kept it simple. A pop of color here and there mixed in with my basic black and neutral pieces. But after a while, that gets a little boring. One of my rules is if it happens in nature, it will look great in an outfit. I love to take snapshots of flowers and animals and the environment around me for inspirations. Often I find  great color combinations that are outfit worthy.

A step up from snapshots is using the color wheel. As an artist, the color wheel is an essential tool. So simple but full of information about colors. Some ways to create color stories in outfits is to work with these color combinations.


colour-wheel (Photo credit: Jasmic)

Monochromatic: tint, tone and shade of just one color. Sticking to one color and its many variations creates an amazing outfit.  Ex.  Shades of Purples in one outfit.

Analogous: Using colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Ex. Red-Violent and Red

Complimentary Colors: Colors that belong on opposite end of the color wheel.  Ex: Blue and Orange

Split Complimentary: Using a color with the two colors on each side of its complimentary color. For example: Red with Yellow-Green and Blue-Green. They work well because Red and Green are complimentary.

Triad: Three colors equally spaced from each other on the color wheel.  For Example: Orange, Green, and Violet

Tetrad: A combination of four colors which are two sets of complimentary colors. For example: Orange and Blue with Red and Green

Hope this was helpful and try it out. What will be the colors of your next outfit?