Happy Blogaversary!!


Hello Everyone,

Saturday marked the day that I started this blog a couple of years ago. I have learned so much about blogging in these first couple of years. I did not realize how much work it was going to be but despite the time and effort that has gone into it, I’ve learned so many things about myself, my personal style, as well as the process behind blogging. I am not sure what the future holds for this blog but a very big part of me wants to see it through. Fashion was a childhood dream and this blog is the conduit for that dream to come into fruition.

The other day some one asked me what I dreamt of becoming when I was a kid, my answer to that person was that I wanted to become a fashion designer. I remember clearly doodling pictures of dresses on blank sheets of paper and making dresses for my Barbie dolls, flipping through the pages of the encyclopedia at school looking at fashion of different periods and countries and getting familiar with all the terminology. I also remember the moment I opened up a Seventeen Magazine in fourth grade and wished that I would someday grace it’s pages.

Dreams are alive if we have the courage to keep dreaming and aspiring to fulfill them. As I inspire people in my career to aspire and live for their dream, I have to  keep the promise I made myself as a child. That promise was to keep working on the dream. This blog helps me fulfill that dream.

To the people that have helped me work on my dreams, I want to say THANK YOU for all the support, love, and for helping me fulfill my dreams. I cannot thank you enough. Where this blog takes me I do not know, all I know is, I’ll keep working on the dream.