Soft Spot for Succulents

by Elle


This past summer, I was compelled to learn the art of gardening. In particular, the art of keeping plants alive. My family loves to garden, so I figured it was worth a shot. I started with plants that I was told were fool proof, succulents. Fact is succulents can go longer without water. So I figured I’d start with something easy and if I got the hang out it, it would choose other plants.

So what’s my status when it comes to plants. There were plants that did not survive, people I know have reassured me that this happens to everyone. I am going to admit that my collection of two succulent plants have since grown. I’ve manage to keep one problem plant alive several times. Amazingly, it has not died completely. I’m amazed at myself for keeping up with gardening this long and for keeping the plants alive longer than expected.



I’ve also added other plants into the collection; a few air plants, which I do not need soil and a random cotton plant someone gave me.



The next big more for me in my quest to garden is probably working on getting my succulents and air plants propagated. Wish me luck.