Red-Fresh: New Do, New Look, New Beginnings






Happy Monday Everyone,

I hope you are thoroughly enjoying the start of 2015. A couple of months ago, I decided to change up my hair since I started to get bored with growing it out. If you know me, I have the tendency to change up my hair every couple of months or so but in the past year, I have felt the need to grow it out and give it some length, a very stark difference from shorter cuts that I adore. The one thing that I do when I do not feel like cutting my hair is, to give it some color just to keep it interesting. I find that changing your hair is one way to do a mini make over without spending large amount of mula.

I wanted ombre hair a while back but since my hair was sporting a shorter style a couple of years ago the hair style was not conducive for ombre. I’m also a huge fan of peek-a-boo color. I wanted one of the other and I just could not get settled on a hair coloring style that I liked. I did do some research on Pinterest to find different options. I worked proposed the ideas to my stylist, Karin from M. Matoi Studio in Kakaako, Honolulu. Karin has been my stylist for years and she always does an amazing job with my hair no matter what challenge I bring her way. And mind you, she has almost given me every hairstyle in the book.  It’s always good to find a stylist you can always trust and really know what styles would fit your hair. She proposed peek-a-boo in the front and a red ombre in the back. I love the results.

So what will be your new hairstyle for 2015? Let me know. If you have any questions fill free to comment or email.





DRESS  h and m
SHOES christian louboutin
NECKLACE leslie danzis, elizabeth stone jewelry
HAIR Karin from M. Matoi Studio