Nature Inspiration

by Elle



Saturdays and Sundays are for enjoying the outdoors. I’ve definitely missing the turning of the leaves on the continent but I’m happy just being outside and enjoying nature. I’ve been meaning to visit the botanical gardens to get some color and outfit inspirations. I love how nature gives us clues on what color combinations and outfit ideas work best.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go and check out one of the botanical garden of Wahiawa on our way to the North Shore. We got a chance to check out the new orchid blooms as well as the other interesting plants.


nature2 copy

I notice how the ground cover looked a lot like the outfit that I am wearing. The way the purples and the silvery blue green merged complimented each other.



Always know, that if it happens naturally in nature, it can be translated into an outfit. Try it out.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you get inspired by nature in your next outfit.


TOP old navy
BOTTOM old navy
SHOES grey by saks 5th avenue
BELT american eagle
BAG tribeca
NECKLACE unbranded, obtained from eden in love

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo