Lighthouses, Fashion, and Pinstripes

by Elle

pinstripes5pinstripesI saw this lighthouse on one of the photos a friend of mine shot and instantly fell in love. There is something so serene and peaceful about lighthouses.  On our last trip to New Hampshire, one of the things that I wanted to cross off my Bucket List was to see a lighthouse in Maine. The really cool thing about lighthouses is that in daylight, at night  and in hazy fog, it beckons people home and leads their way.

Fashion has been a beacon for me throughout the years. It is the one constant that inspires me to keep dreaming but at the same time it keeps me grounded on the idea that change is inevitable and that to succeed in the business of Fashion you have to be willing to stand your ground when it comes to style and go with the flow when it comes to trends.


pinstripes3Pinstripes have been a staple for fashion since 1890s with it’s start in boating clothing. It then made its way into Baseball uniforms in 1907 and then into suiting material in the 1920’s with the iconic Zoot suits. Pinstripes are a style that has been tested by time and trends. This fall, the runways celebrate this iconic print in wide legged suiting silhouettes. I translated this style with a shirt dress that I recently picked up.


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DRESS ava sky dolce
SHOES tory burch reva
RINGS m33ms single acrobat ring,  me plain stacking rings