Stripes: The Bold Staple

by Elle




Stripes was a patterned cloth that was religiously shunned for years because of its “barred” resemblance. During the Crusades, the Carmelite Monks wore bold brown and white stripes to symbolize their connection with Elijah but rather than being celebrated for their work, the monks were shunned for their bold striped cloth and fought discrimination for years until the collective finally traded their stripes threads from plainer clothes. The print was often found among the untouchables of medieval times. Later, the patterned fabric that was the symbol of prisoners, jesters and the outcastes became iconic when monarchs popularized it in boating outings.  Today, stripes are a staple in wardrobes.


I like the look of stripes mix and matched. For this outfit, I played with different shades of blue and different stripes to create a nautical look. Let me know what you think.



TOP zara
SKIRT j crew
SHOES christian louboutin yoyo
RINGS m33ms single acrobat ring,  me plain stacking rings