Encapsulate: Style is Creativity

I started the year cleaning out my old closet. I sifted through all the clothes, created piles and kept the clothes that I felt were keepers in January. I also promised myself that I would do less clothes shopping and use what I have in my closet. I also set a goal to not shop for clothes for the first four months of this year. On my birthday, I took a step back and realized that I could possible go without shopping for the rest of the year. I cannot remember the last time I bought clothes. Honestly, it feels liberating to not shop for clothes for a while.

I have this belief that to have style, one works with the items they already have and it should be a set of items carefully curated by them. I also feel that pieces in one’s closet should have multiple purpose and can be styled in many ways.  Style is creativity. That’s where someone’s personality shines. I’m hoping to work towards that in the coming months.

These past couple of months, I have been missing in action on my blog but I’m working a few things at the moment. So stay tuned….