200 Versions of Me

by Elle

This is my 200th post in this blog that I have come to for the past six years. I have always said it was my outlet from my life. My go to place, my sanctuary. Fashion has always been my sanctuary, my creative space to express who I am. I always day dreamed about outfits and colors and how to translate what I see in my head onto the fabrics of my clothes. In another life, I wanted to be a fashion designer, every girl dreams about doing something amazingly creative when they are younger, I have always felt the creative spirit and its expression has always been in the way I dress, what I choose to be when I step out the door for that day. My style has always been eclectic and whimsical  and completely me. I always chose a different path than the one chosen by others. That was the original plan for this blog. To show the style that was completely me. I am slowly finding that again. Along the way, I forgot that my style was my style. I am not trying to be anyone else but me. I’m sure others have opinions. But I realized that those who normally have strong opinions about you generally do not know who you are at all. They judge a facade that they think they know.

Success lies in knowing yourself, your style, your way, essentially your path. Sometimes we venture out of our own paths in search for something else for ourselves only to eventually find our way back to our original route. This year has been another journey back to my original trajectory. In school, I have always loved and adored my culture, as a child my greatest influence in fashion and taste is my mother and my family, I love what I love because of them.

I know this blog is not what it use to be when I first began. At one point, it was cool to be a fashion blogger and I wanted to somehow break through in that niche. Now everyone and their mother  is  blogger and overnight sensation blogging is a thing of the past and fashion has been blah lately, at least for myself.

So to celebrate 200 posts of blogging, I will be posting my shoe collection everyday for the next year. What’s a blog about shoes, without truly posting, the shoes that make the outfits.

For now I leave you with some of my favorite outfits from the years, I have been blogging. They are oldies but goodies.

Thanks again for reading. Please enjoy these pictures they have been my favorites.