New Year, New Directions

by Elle

Happy New Year’s Everyone! I hope you are starting the new year with love ones, having lots of laughter, joy, peace and love. I wanted to wish you endless happiness and adventure in the coming year. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you of your support throughout the years.

This blogs focus has been fashion in the past 7 years and while fashion brings me joy, I have been thinking a lot about it in the past year. Last year, I wanted to work on not shopping for most of the year and I have been very good. I shopped less. I do want to share with you outfits and shoes that I enjoy wearing. I have set the goal of carefully curating my closet to downsize and to fine tune my style. At the same time, I would like to share more of my creativity with you with more styling posts and things I learn along the way and maybe I can also share with you a little bit of history and culture, another passion I hold dear to me. I have decided to do new things this year.

Gratefulness. Taking the time to be grateful for the things we already have and the things that matter: family, great friends, and the little things in between.  In the fashion sense, I wanna to be grateful for the items I already have in my closet and how to best utilize them in their capacity.

Culture, History & Creativity. Creating and being creative has been an integral part of my life. I would like to put more effort in this aspect of my life this year and transferring this creativity in the way I style my clothes. A lot of pieces  in my closet have potential and I would like to use each piece well.

Health and Fitness. Focusing on eating right and  being healthy, taking time to exercise, and  learn to cook good food.

2019 is promising. Make it a great one. Cheers!




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