Osaka Castle

by Elle

Hello Everyone,

This is my last installment of my trip to Japan. Our last day was spent visiting Osaka Castle and taking in the city.

Osaka Castle was busy the day went. There were a lot of people from all over the world trying to take a glimpse of the view of the city from atop the castle. We meandered through the floors of the Castle reading the history and looking at all the amazing artifacts. If you have a chance to go I have a few recommendations for you:

  1. Go early
  2. The ride to take you to the Castle entrance is not worth purchasing. The walk is amazing and it highlights all the different buildings that were used.
  3. Walk through the different exhibits on each floor. It will be faster than taking the elevator.
  4. Other people can be pushy to see the sight at the top but be cordial. The space is narrow but it’s a beautiful sight of the city.
  5. The cost to see the castle and the ride to the top is only a few dollars so enjoy it. It takes about half a day with the lines so take your time and do not rush.

Because it was New Year’s the shrine near the Castle was also busy with people waiting in line to see the shrine. There were performances and other events going on in and around the castle.

Thanks again for reading. Stay tuned for my Travel capsule and trip recommendations. Take care.



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