Tortola and The Virgin Gorda

by Elle

Our next stop was The British Virgin Islands. We ported in Tortola. We took a 30 minute ferry to The Virgin Gorda and The Baths, where there were amazing large boulders the size of cars and two story houses. The place was amazing. When we got there it was a little overcast. We got a chance to explore the openings in the cave and got a chance to dip into the water.

The ferry ride to The Virgin Gorda was about $38 dollars per person if you book it yourself. To spend time at the baths and the beach was $3 per person.

While we were there we got a chance to check out the different beaches in the area. It was a nice day out for a while until it started to pour but it was a relaxing time at the beach. If you plan to go, go early, we did not get the opportunity to go to The Baths, the line to enjoy the area was an hour and a half long. To be honest the sites were gorgeous and it was a nice break from the ship.

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