Why A Pair of Shoes For Everyday?

A Pair of Shoes For Everyday came about because people often admire the shoes or outfits that I wore.  This blog is really about my shoes and the outfits that I style.

The blog’s name is a play on Words. A Pair of Shoes for Everyday, meaning that I have pairs of shoes that are my go to pairs and they have been in my shoe wardrobe for years. As a result, people have asked me to share about them, the tips that I use to care for them, and where I shop for them. I often go to them to finish an outfit. It also plays on the idea that I have shoes for every day. I do own many pairs of shoes but I do not own a pair of shoes for everyday of the year. I do not have the space to house them all.

If you are reading this and you are interested in collaborating with me about shoes and other things fashion. Please feel free to contact me at shoes.for.everyday@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading,