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Hi! My name is Elle, short for Michelle. I’m a Honolulu based fashion blogger. I have been in love fashion since I was able to pick up a pencil and paper and draw dresses at the foot of my grandmother’s sewing machine. As a child, I  perused fashion magazines for countless hours examining it’s pages and watched fashion shows on T.V. and dreaming of the day I would attend fashion week or design my own line. I refuse to allow that dream to die, I still believe it will happen someday. This blog is a manifestation of that dream. Where this blog takes me, time will tell, but I am definitely excited about the possibilities.

Through the years, I have developed my own personal style that I constantly revise. This blog along with the things that inspire me is an attempt to share my style, rebuild it, and refine it to create a thought out wardrobe. I hope you will  join me in this fashion journey, as I attempt to reach my goals one outfit at a time. Thank you for reading. I would love to hear from you. Take care and Cheers!



P.S. A great BIG THANK YOU goes out to these amazing photographers:

Kris Mayeshiro of KM2 Photography

Glenn Andaya of Glenn Andaya Photography

Ashley Smith of Taryn Reid Photography

Adam Levine, Marketing Consultant and The Photographer