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Starting the Year in Osaka

It was nice and peaceful on New Year’s Day in Osaka. We got in from Hiroshima just in time to ring in the new year quitely hanging out and eating at a restaurant the night before.

New Year’s in Japan is quiet unlike the fire work shows in the neighborhoods of Hawaii. Japan’s shrines and temples are open for people to go and visit from midnight and well into the day. We spent some time to get some desserts at a cafe before we took some time to go into the city to see the festivities.

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Exploring Osaka

On Sunday before New Years, I spent a morning strolling through Osaka. Downtown was so peaceful and serene. It was nice to be awake exploring the city before everyone got up. I spent some time alone in the big city and met up with my friends afterward. We headed to Kuromon Market for the Pre-New Year preparations.

The market was filled with shoppers and tourists. Businesses were preparing for the New Years.

In the middle of the market, we got a chance sit down and eat at a Sushi restaurant.

In the afternoon, we went over to the Osaka Aquarium in Kaiyukan.

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Hiroshima on New Year’s Eve

I have only read about Hiroshima in history books. It is a place of serenity, growth and beauty. It was the perfect place to end the year, to understand and reflect about the old year and welcome the new year. We took an early Shinkansen to Hiroshima and arrived earlier than expected.

From the train station to the sites we took a bus that took us to the first stopped. We walked to one of the first sites which was the Hiroshima Castle. We also got a chance to speak to someone from Hiroshima who spoke to us about some of the history of the castle. We also got a chance speak to others who were checking out the sites with us.

We went on a day when some of the sites were closed for New Year’s holiday but it was still great to see some of the historical sites. At the Castle, we met a family who spoke to us about Miyajima Island and recommended for use to check it out since the island.

One of the stops to the walking tour was being able to see the Hiroshima Dome. It is a testament to the impact of war and nuclear weapons.

The Motoyasu Bridge was one of the bridges that survived the nuclear bombing and leads to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Park, Museum, and Children’s Peace Monument.

Later on in the day we headed to Miyajima Island and we had the opportunity to check out the Itsukushima Floating Torii Gate and shrine. During new year’s eve, they were food vendors and many people going to the shrines.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. This was a peaceful and quiet New Year’s Eve. It was amazing to see another part of the world celebrate New Year’s in a different way minus large crowds, fireworks, and merry making. This new year’s eve in Japan was full of reflection and thought. 






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New Year, New Directions

Happy New Year’s Everyone! I hope you are starting the new year with love ones, having lots of laughter, joy, peace and love. I wanted to wish you endless happiness and adventure in the coming year. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you of your support throughout the years.

This blogs focus has been fashion in the past 7 years and while fashion brings me joy, I have been thinking a lot about it in the past year. Last year, I wanted to work on not shopping for most of the year and I have been very good. I shopped less. I do want to share with you outfits and shoes that I enjoy wearing. I have set the goal of carefully curating my closet to downsize and to fine tune my style. At the same time, I would like to share more of my creativity with you with more styling posts and things I learn along the way and maybe I can also share with you a little bit of history and culture, another passion I hold dear to me. I have decided to do new things this year.

Gratefulness. Taking the time to be grateful for the things we already have and the things that matter: family, great friends, and the little things in between.  In the fashion sense, I wanna to be grateful for the items I already have in my closet and how to best utilize them in their capacity.

Culture, History & Creativity. Creating and being creative has been an integral part of my life. I would like to put more effort in this aspect of my life this year and transferring this creativity in the way I style my clothes. A lot of pieces  in my closet have potential and I would like to use each piece well.

Health and Fitness. Focusing on eating right and  being healthy, taking time to exercise, and  learn to cook good food.

2019 is promising. Make it a great one. Cheers!




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Allerton Garden: Stepping Into The Past


We started the day with checking out Spouting Horn before heading into the Allerton Garden.  It was interesting to learn that the Plantation modified the landscape because of necessity.  The orginal Spouting Horn was destroyed by the plantation because of the ocean spray that it created for the plantation fields.




We started with the tour bus down to the Allerton Garden. Once a part of Queen Emma’s properties, it was later sold to the Allertons from Chicago. The garden was made for entertaining and to capture the natural landscape. The Allerton’s collected different plants from all over the world. Eventually, they moved into the research and preservation of plants that they found in their travels.  The Gardens is a celebration of art and flora from throughout world. In many ways, it also portrays the architectural genius of the Allertons. Each garden is considered a room. One can only imagine how it was when it was first created. Many of the gardens are preserved in their original state as much as possible.


I love the organic state of the gardens and the dichotomy of natural and structural creations. The statues collect most and mildew that give them character. The Venus statues from the Chicago gardens looked remarkable. img_4562




The garden is filled with many different sculptures. Some of them with movement, sound, and rhythm. The one above, plays with water levels and the illusion of movement. The bamboo forest below created a space of relaxation and the sound of the rustling of bamboo made natural melodies with the rustling of the wind.



This scalloped water fountain plays with movement and rhythm. The scallops of the fountain worked with the movement of the water. The sculptures of mermaids on both ends mimic the look of the palms surrounding the fountain.


img_4687-1img_4652If these trees look familiar, they were featured in the Jurassic Park movies. There towering branches and their beautiful above ground roots make them larger than life.img_4666I chose to wear a fun denim skirt for this adventure from RocknRemix by Char Glover. I am completely in love with this skirt. It’s perfect to dress down with a tank and sandals and to dress up with a dressy blouse and a nice pair of statement pumps.



After our tour we headed down to Savage Shrimp to get a taste of the locally grown shrimp. img_4709img_4705

And then we went to Fresh Shave to get a little bit of dessert. We got  pineapple and a pumpkin flavored shaved ice and got a chance to look at some Kauai made items from artisans in a near by showroom.





In the evening, we got a chance to go to Hamura’s Saimin to tastes one of Kauai’s oldest and most popular saimin shops. I love coming to visit this place whenever we are in town. It has that small town flair and the people are always super friendly.



Thanks again for reading. I hope you enjoyed these last few posts about our trip to Kauai. Let me know what you think.




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Ocean Adventure & the Forbidden Island

Most of my life I’ve seen the cascading mountains and cliffs of the Na Pali Coastline on TV but nothing compares to seeing it’s beauty in person.

We woke up early to get ready for a boat trip to see the coastline and to snorkel off the coast of Niihau, the Forbidden Island. It was two things I had listed on my bucket list.

The views were amazing. We even got a chance to see Dolphins and Whales on the trip out to Niihau.


It was also my first time snorkeling in deep water. I was thrown by the depth of he ocean. We got a chance to see Niihau up close. Niihau is owned by the Robinson Family and in order to go there, one must be invited. From the boat, the beaches were pristine and beautiful. We got close enough to snorkel the reef and to check out the animal and plant life on the reef and enjoy nature’s beauty.

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Grand Canyon of the Pacific

On one of  our day trips on Kauai. We got a chance to enjoy locally sourced food. Through the recommendation of a friend. We went to Kenji Burger in Kapaa where they serve burgers with Asian seasonings and flavors. img_4184img_4185

Then we drove to Waimea Canyon. Nick named as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific it features amazing views of red dirt and foliage, and beautiful ridges.



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Chasing Waterfalls

Kauai is known for its breathtaking mountains and beautiful waterfalls. On our trip we had several opportunities to check out waterfalls throughout the island. We started our day with light kayaking and a short hike to see a waterfall.


img_4404Our tour guide talked to us about the different plants on the way up to the waterfalls. img_4412Wauke Leaf (Paper Mulberry Leaf)img_4428



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Where the Sunflowers Grow


For years, We have planned to go and check out the sunflower fields. This past weekend, we made it a point to check them out in bloom in the Waialua. They stood tall against the backdrop of a very clear and blue sky. They were amazingly beautiful. img_5151

It was nice to take in some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful yellow blooms. We could spot them on the road while driving to the Sunflower fields.


sunflower3.jpgThe sunflowers were from the size of our palms to the size of our heads.

sunflower4.jpgThe weather here has cooled down to the low seventies but Summer dresses are still appropriate for the days. I decided to wear a dress out on your day in the country.


Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the Sunflowers as much as me.



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Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Natural Inspiration at McBryde Gardens

img_3965Kauai from the plane


A month ago we took a trip to Kauai.  Some of the first stops on the island was the Kauai Coffee company to check out their Fall blends of coffee. And go check out Glass Beach were the Sand is made out of pieces of glass that have been polished by the salt water.

img_4022Glass Beachimg_4031

Our first day there on Kauai, we wanted to visit McBryde Gardens. Originally, part of the Sugar Plantation that my great grandfather worked on when he first arrived to the islands, McBryde today is a research institute for the study of endangered plants from all over  the world. It is home to the Breadfruit Institute and other plants that are being researched and cultivated to help with world hunger and to find cures for various diseases. Also, it is home to endangered plants that are being studied to save them from extinction.


We had the opportunity to check out beautiful plants and explore the gardens.









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