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Honolulu Fashion Week in Review

Honolulu Fashion Week this year was November 10-12, 2016. We went to check out the shows on Friday, November 11. This year Avela sponsored a giveaway featuring their hand engraved Moroccan Purses. The Ali and Gadea of Avela are super amazing (Thank You ladies for the amazing purse, it will be in many of my future blog posts). I had the opportunity of winning their giveaway. The purse is perfect for a dinner dates and a great piece to highten any outfit. Please check out their online shop at  Avela they have a great selection of coverups, kimonos, and straw bags perfect for spending time at the beach or relaxing and hanging out with friends.


We went to check out the shows for the day, we got a chance to check out Local Lux which features Malia Jones, Allison Izu, Summer Shiigi of Ten Tomorrow, Ari South and Kojo Coutour. Malia Jones sports wear and swim suit spoke to the surfer girl at heart. Her style esthetic definitely speaks to Active Island Wear. I thoroughtly enjoyed the Sixties inspired silhoettes of Allison Izu’s Collection. Loved that they are layer friendly and work appropriate. Summer Shiigi’s collection spoke to comfort and year round wearability. I completely adored the etheral silhoettes of Ari South. It was romantic and dreamy. Kojo Coutour was inspiring and show stopping with dramatic lines, fits and lengths that flatter every curve of the body.


We also got a chance to check out the Live Aloha fashion show were the highlight of the show were the reimagining  of traditional Hawaii fashion cuts to transforming Hawaiian prints into new translations. Manuhealii, Manaola, ‘Iolani, and Noa Noa created modern versions of old favorites like the revamping of the Paniolo Shirt, creating latticed necklines and ruffled off  the shoulder shifts reminiscent of muumuus of the mid 1990’s.

In between shows, I got a chance to chat with the designers of the Collective, Allison Izu and Summer Shiigi.



And of course, chat and laugh with Kini Zamora of Project Runway fame. Also check out Reach the Runway, a program that allows students to shadow and learning about different aspects of the runway. As an Art Advocate and an Educator, I highly encourage you to refer a student interested in various Fashion jobs as well as support the cause by helping the program out. Please check out their website at Reach The Runway.


I also got a chance to check out the Fashion Marketplace and check out pieces from Keani, MYTENYC, and others.

We even made it to the recap video of November 11, 2016 here: November 11, 2016 Recap

Check it out and let me know what you think.

It was an amazing weekend support my favorite designers and getting to know new ones. Until next fashion week. Please leave a comment or like and let me know what you think.



Anniversaries, Bows, Pearls, and Audrey

bows and pearls

Hello Everyone,

This past weekend marked the 3rd year anniversary of A Pair of Shoes For Everyday. This blog has taught me so much in the past couple of years about myself, my personal style as well as blogging. I am truly grateful for all the support that all of you have given me. I want to say THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to share with you my dreams. This blog would not be possible without all of you.

bows and pearlsTo the all the individuals who have helped me along the way (my friends, my family, my readers, my followers, the people who have sponsored this blog, my photographer and guest photographers, and the blogging community) thank you for your constant support and love. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to work with all of you and be inspired by you. I do not know where this blog will take me in the coming year, all I know is that I cannot wait for this blogging year to be AMAZING.

bows and pearlsI wanted to celebrate the blog’s anniversary with an inspired look by one of my favorite style icons, Audrey Hepburn.  A classic a-line dress, a simple but elegant strand of pearls and a simple pair of red pumps that speaks to the timelessness of great style.

I hope your week will be amazing.

With thankfulness and love,




DRESS kate spade
SHOES bcbg generation
NECKLACES tj maxx find


Is Anyone Out There Really Listening. . .

I first started this blog to not only understand my style but to understand how I truly shop for items to add in my closet. I have learned far more than I have every imagined about myself, my style, and my shopping habits. The person I was last year before this blog is not the person I am today. My style has definitely evolve into something that I am prouder of everyday.

I am not much of a trend hunter. I don’t slap together trends and hope for the best. I love what I love and I gravitate to items and add them to my closet because I have a personal connection with them which often is not dictated by what’s accepted in the mainstream whatever it may be.  I love mixing prints and adding color more so now than ever. I am finally stepping out of my box and finding my true style self.

Price has always dictate what I add to my closet. I am a bargain hunter but now I am more conscious of what I add to my closet. As much as possible I don’t like to pay full price for high price items. If I like it enough, I wait it out. As a result, many pieces in my closet aren’t limited to a season or a year, they are timeless pieces. It also helps that I live in a place that is not dictated by season although that’s still  arguable by some people.

The other reason why I started this blog was to see if I had any kind of impact on anyone and their style. Hence,

Is anyone out there really listening or reading?

I see page views but am I really having any sort of impact on anyone? That is the constant question I ask myself. I think I really only do this blog for myself but a part of me hopes to have a much greater impact or place in the blogging world. I think I’m okay with doing this for myself for now. I would love to have a full time devoted photographer but in my case, I’m cool with the help of friends who have helped me out. Most pictures, the ones that I am not in, are mine. I love to take pictures of things that inspire me and share them with you.

I do appreciate all the comments, I read each one of them and try to reply to everyone that comments or at least try. They actually make my day. It helps me to know there are people who actually read what I have on this blog. THANKS to my few and devoted readers.

Still the question remains, is anyone out there really listening or reading? Where will this blog go? I’m excited to find out where all of this is taking me. Is this going to help me fulfill my childhood dreams somehow? I cannot help but be excited. Hope you join me.



Black and White Polka Dots with a Touch of Red

Hi All!
Hope you are having an amazing Wednesday. I love polka dots. It is such a classic print. I love the way black and white polka dots go so well with red or other bold colors. Here, I styled the print with an oversized white shirt.

The photos for this particular blog post got me thinking about finding the perfect white button down shirt, a closet staple. In the recent past, I was okay with just purchasing any white button down shirt but as of late, I am particularly in search for one that fits well. I have gone to several places and tried on several. Now, I need to decide on the perfect white button down shirt for me.

Thank you so much for reading. I do ask you that if you do read this blog, please leave me a comment or like my page. I would love to hear from you.


:: Outfit ::

Top: Forever21
Sweater: Old Navy
Bottom: Old Navy Rock Star Jeans
Shoes: Kate Spade “Licorice”
Bag: Coach

Photo Credit: Taryn Reid Photography

Polkadot Chambray and Red Details

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your Monday. I like to add a pop of color when I’m wearing staple pieces like a chambray shirt and a pair of white jeans. I like the way the sunnies, the belt, and the shoes all bring the outfit together and make it just a little bit more complete. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.



:: Outfit ::

Top: Old Navy Polkadot Chambray
Bottom: Old Navy Rock Star Jeans
Belt: Forever21
Sunnies: Vogue
Shoes: BCBG (Old)

Photo Credit: Taryn Reid Photography

Pearls and Pleats!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday. I am looking forward to an amazing weekend filled with the company of friends and family.

This week, I had the pleasure of working with two amazing photographers who helped me out with my blog.  Ashley of Taryn Reid Photography and Ronalyn. Two amazing women with so much talent and knowledge about photography. I learned so much from the both of them when it come to photography, posing, as well as understanding the human body in photography. I am truly honored to have work with the both of them. You will have a chance to see some of their work in the proceeding posts.

I just love the way pleats go so well with a basic white button down shirt. I pulled this outfit together with a vest, layered pearl necklaces and a classic pair of black pumps. A great outfit for work or hanging out with friends.

I hope you have an amazing Friday. Thank you so much for reading. Please comment, follow, and like. I would love to hear from you.


:: Outfit ::

Vest: Forever21
Necklaces: Forever21 Rings: Cinnamon Girl (Old), 7 For All Mankind (Old), Tiffany and Co.
Skirt: BCBG (Thrifted)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Photo Credit: Taryn Reid Photography

Maroons and Browns

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are having a great start of the week. I have always loved Fighting Eel dresses. They are dresses that are very versatile and wearable for any occasion. I picked up this Fighting Eel dress last year at a sample sale. I love the deep maroon color. Here, I paired this Fighting Eel Dress with a beige blazer, pumped up the neckline with a cluster bib fushia necklace I borrowed from my bestie. I finished the outfit with a brown pleated front peep toe pump from Aldo.   Hope you like it. Take care.



Dress: Fighting Eel (Old)
Blazer: Avon
Necklace: Avon
Shoes: Aldo Shoes (Old)

Nuetrals and Blues


Dress: Eden in Love
Cardigan: Gap
Belt: Obi Belt
Shoes: Aldo Shoes (Old)


Hi Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the new week. I have been in such a long haitus but hopefully I can get into the rhythm of blogging again. This past month has been really busy for me
especially with summer approaching. There is so much I need to accomplish before summer arrives.

I have been searching for a great camera to photograph my outfits as well as a regular person to help me out. If you know a great camera, let me know.

Blogging in the past couple of months has taught me about the time and effort that is really put into sharing with the rest of the world. I greatly appreciate everyone who has supported, commented, followed, and read my blog posts. All of you help me in improving.

I am currently obsessed with interesting prints. The dress I am wearing above is printed with neutral birds amidst a navy background. I added an obi belt to break up the dress and pulled the outfit together with a favorite Aldo wedges and a comfortable cardigan.

Hope you like it and please comment.




Romantic Highs and Lows

Hi Everyone,

Hope your Saturday is going well. Today is a really nice Saturday outside, the birds are chirping and it feels very Spring. It is definitely different from yesterday’s showers. Spring time reminds me of blooms, bright and pastel colors as well as romance. While shopping at Brandy <3’s Melville last fall I spotted this high low hemline lavender dress. I really liked the movement of the dress when I walked in them. The dress is fun for a date in the park, a romantic night out with the beau, or tea with the girlfriends.

Have a great Saturday.



Dress: Brandy<3 Melville
Fitted Dress used as a Slip: American Apparel
Necklace: Express (Old)
Belt: Muse Belts
Shoes: Aldo Shoes (Old)

Photo Credit: Will and Sharon from Will Pulido Photography

Deep Corals with a touch of Turquoise

Hello Everyone! Hope you are having a great Friday. I wanted to thank everyone who viewed and gave great comments on the blog, I greatly appreciated it. A few people have approached me about doing blogs on accessories and color combinations, so I can’t wait to share those with you.

I just love the way coral and turquoise go together so nicely. I picked up this dress from H & M last winter. I was instantly drawn to the deep coral color. I accented the dress with taupe accessories like the obi belt, tassel clutch, and my sky high wedges. My favorite accessory to use with this dress is this multi-strand faux turquoise necklace I picked up at Forever21 last summer.

I wanted to thank everyone again for your support. If you have suggestions and comments please comment below. Take care.



Dress: H & M
Obi Belt and Tassel Clutch: Eden in Love
Necklace: Forever21 (Old)
Shoes: Aldo Shoes (Old)

Photo Credit: Will and Sharon from Will Pulido Photography

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