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I’m on a Shopping Diet . . .

Hey All,

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I made a deal with one of my friends that we would go on a diet together. Not just exercising and eating healthy but also putting the pocketbook on a much needed diet.  I’ve been emptying out my closet these past couple of months anticipating some major changes in the near future. I didn’t realize it was so much work trying to get rid of  stuff that has accumulated through the years. I sat down with a friend of mine and tried on dress after dress and put them into piles. I had a pile of maybes for the ones I could not part with yet. I’m trying to be as thorough as possible knowing that there are pieces in my closet that I truly covet and cannot part with at the moment.

Shoes of course is a different story. Deciding whether to keep a pair of shoes or to sell it, is definitely taking a lot of thought. There are shoes that I like a lot and have decided to put them up for sale on eBay and Poshmark because I believe they will find better homes with women who will love them and wear them out more than I do.  Paring down the collection is work but making a list of pros and cons helps me a lot in my decision making process. The blog through the year is helping me understand my style more than ever.  If the shoe no longer fits my style profile, it definitely goes into the pile that is going to a better home. Making room on my shoe shelf  and giving the pairs I love more mileage is on my need to do list.

There are days I wish I could shop especially since J. Crew and Zara just had a major sale. I trick is that I avoid J. Crew at the mall and luckily we do not have a Zara here. I still window shop on the sites to see what’s up and put items in my shopping cart but I really think about purchasing these items. It’s helping a little but like I said earlier, there are goals I am looking forward to accomplishing so the diet will have to do for now until that goal is reached.

How do put yourself on a shopping diet?



The Art of Shopping Lists

Hey all,

Happy Sunday to you! Hope you are all doing well. I’ve been liking the chillier nights here in Hawaii. It doesn’t get as chilly as the continent but honestly, it’s been welcomed. Summer and early fall here get very warm and humid so cooler weather is always a plus. I’ve been bringing out the light sweaters and jackets recently. I’m loving it.

One of the reasons for this blog was to help me work through my shopping and to fine tune my style. It’s biggest help:

1. I no longer impulse buy
2. I wait and think about my purchases
3. I actually think about pros and cons to shopping for an item
4. I look for quality in the clothing and shoes I purchase
5. Less shopping means, I can enjoy using the items in my closet a lot more
6. It’s allowing me to be creative and play with my style far more than I use to
7. I’m learning to love each piece in my closet and if I don’t love it anymore, I’m definitely allowing someone else to have the opportunity

Such a simple thing but the impact is so great. At least for me, it’s helped a lot.

What’s a closet shrinking trick that you have learned? Let me know.


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