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Saturday Nostalgia

maroonHello All,

They say that the person you are today is a reflection of who you were in the past, just better.  I have to admit the things that I pick out for my closet now definite reflect certain memorable items from my childhood.



I’ve always loved beaded jewelry. I think the first beaded piece of jewelry I owned was given to me by my mother. It was a bracelet made of red seads with black dots at the very tip of each bead. They were strung up on a wax linen string. I adored it as a child. Today, I pick out beaded jewelry that I love to wear over and over again with different outfits. I love their earthy character.


Besides beaded jewelry, I’ve always loved the feel of a great pair of jeans. I must have been in the 5th grade when I learned that a great pair was essential. I adore this biker style black pair of jeans. I love the textured knees.



What are items in your closet take you back to your childhood? Let me know. Take care.




SHIRT allison izu
PANTS forever 21
SHOES coach
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Blue and Brass: Ocean Blue Midi with Brass Details


Hey All,

I hope you had an amazing couple of weeks. School and work is tapering down for me and I’m looking forward to a long awaited trip. Before I step into the cold winters of the mid-west, I’m going to enjoy the next couple of weeks of cool days and sunny skies.

Shades of blue are in this season and when I saw this midi skirt it reminded me of the cool ocean blues that surround Hawaii.  I choose this brass necklace to compliment the brass studs in the shoes. I love how the gold tone of the brass brings out the richness of the blue.





Thanks again to reading. How do you wear your blues? Let me know. Take care.






SHIRT rumi murakami
SKIRT h and m
SHOES coach
NECKLACE stella and dot
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