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Easy Days

Last post I said that I am celebrating where I am to keep it real with you. February has been a productive month for me. Reading and writing a lot for graduate school and taking the time to get healthy again.

In the beginning of my blog and up until my long blog hiatus, I use to put a lot of thought in the clothes that I put up on my blog. I love to dress up but in all honesty, dressing up everyday does not always work for Hawaii weather. It’s warm here and while more famous bloggers in Hawaii wear surfer clothing, wear bathing suits and summer dresses. That is simply not my style. On days when I am out and about to read, write and study, my favorite outfit is a denim bottom and a soft cotton top and a tote in hand to carry my books. In Hawaii, flip flops seem to go with everything. Jo Koy said it best that Hawaii people love to wear flip flops or slippers.

To be honest, on a daily basis being comfortable is important in our weather. Like in a previous post, we have our own perspective, it does not necessarily fit the perspective of the rest of the world but it is ours. Who ever said that Fashion has rules anyway. Fashion is what you make of it, how you create outfits with what you have and how you carry yourself. You’re style is your style, no one else’s.

What is favorite outfit? Thanks again for reading.



Summer Solstice and Denim Ease


Outfit posts have been far and few between. With Spring ending and the Summer Solstice a few days ago.  I felt inspired to share one of my go-to outfits for warmer months. Linens shirts and denim skirts have an ease to them that’s perfect for warm summer days.  Their natural fibers allow you to stay cool under the Summer sun and staying cool is a must in Hawaii.


Lately, I have really been loving this pairing.  I own a few denim skirts and I like the structure and the pleated waste design of this one. It’s a break from the classic denim cut popularized 70’s and 80’s.


Thanks again for reading.



SHIRT uniqlo
SKIRT  joe fresh (old)
SANDALS dr. scholls
EARRINGS forever 21

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Creative Spring


Spring is here and the weather is warming up everywhere. On days when the sun is out and we are running around exploring or running errands, there’s nothing like denim cut offs and a lace crochet top to celebrate the weather.


We decided to visit our favorite shops today, look into photography supplies at Treehouse, get inspired by plants at Paiko, and test out some sewing machines. Not bad for the first Tuesday of Spring for an inspired creative.




TOP forever 21
BOTTOM old navy
FLIPFLOPS old navy

Nature Inspiration



Saturdays and Sundays are for enjoying the outdoors. I’ve definitely missing the turning of the leaves on the continent but I’m happy just being outside and enjoying nature. I’ve been meaning to visit the botanical gardens to get some color and outfit inspirations. I love how nature gives us clues on what color combinations and outfit ideas work best.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go and check out one of the botanical garden of Wahiawa on our way to the North Shore. We got a chance to check out the new orchid blooms as well as the other interesting plants.


nature2 copy

I notice how the ground cover looked a lot like the outfit that I am wearing. The way the purples and the silvery blue green merged complimented each other.



Always know, that if it happens naturally in nature, it can be translated into an outfit. Try it out.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you get inspired by nature in your next outfit.


TOP old navy
BOTTOM old navy
SHOES grey by saks 5th avenue
BELT american eagle
BAG tribeca
NECKLACE unbranded, obtained from eden in love

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Bolder Shoulders: Assymetric Tunic and Trouser Jeans


Hello All,

Happy Saturday to everyone. I’ve been so busy lately with school and work that I’ve been on a short break from the blog. I needed some time to get things done and work my schedule out. The end of the school year is always so hectic.

I’ve really been loving all the Spring trends this year and I could not help be bring out all of my old favorites. In honestly, when I saw the one shoulder trend on the runway, I was very ecstatic. I love asymmetric tops and I have been keeping this blouse for years waiting for the trend to come back into play.

boldshoulder3 boldshoulder2 boldshoulder4Here, I paired it with my wide legged trousers and ultra wedge platforms. A great outfit to go see the sunset. Thanks again for reading. I’m very glad to be back on the blog.



TUNIC purchased at eden in love
PANTS banana republic outlet
BAG tribeca
RINGS random rings found at cinnamon girl boutique, a. wattz dezigns
SHOES lanvin

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Polkadot Chambray and Red Details

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your Monday. I like to add a pop of color when I’m wearing staple pieces like a chambray shirt and a pair of white jeans. I like the way the sunnies, the belt, and the shoes all bring the outfit together and make it just a little bit more complete. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.



:: Outfit ::

Top: Old Navy Polkadot Chambray
Bottom: Old Navy Rock Star Jeans
Belt: Forever21
Sunnies: Vogue
Shoes: BCBG (Old)

Photo Credit: Taryn Reid Photography

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