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Encapsulate: Starting Out



The picture above is about 6 months old. A lot can happen in six months. It feels like life happened in fast forward. A new adventure started, so many goals came into fruition, new perspectives and a lot of changes. I’ll be sharing some of them with you in the next couple of posts.

While life was happening, my wardrobe for the past six months can be described as simplified. I’m so use to working with a closet full of clothes and I’m finding myself working with the few clothes I packed for the big move. No, I’m not  going anywhere different, just a few life changes, a new chapter and  a new apartment with very little space.

Space is definitely an issue, especially in Hawaii. It’s a small island with limited space and not a whole lot of room for houses and apartments. This got me thinking about Capsule Wardrobes and their utilitarian minimalism. I’ve been drawn to them lately and Pinterest is helping me figure it out somehow. I like the idea that less means more style.

It is said that the average women’s wardrobe about a hundred years ago consisted of about 35 pieces, 35 quality investment pieces. The advent of mass production and cheaper materials led to changes in our access to clothing and our wardrobes became larger and more cluttered. We live in such a surplus world that we never really think we can do so much with so little.  Surprisingly, I thought that 35 pieces was such a small amount until I started to see what I could do with it. It is simple math really, it’s something we learned in grade school, it’s all about combinations and permutations.

The French know it as the 5 piece wardrobe,  we call it the Capsule Wardrobe, some people want the feeling of a simplified life, others want to declutter and reorganize, while others want it to be packable for a journey.  Whatever the reason, it’s definitely something to consider.

Everyone is going to have their own reason. I’ve been intrigued by the idea for a long time, but the most important thing is to begin somewhere. Caroline from Un-Fancy did it in 2014.  I don’t want to re-invent the wheel so just click on the link above and you can check out her blog. Other bloggers have done it or are doing it. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon. I’m here just to share my story and my journey. I hope you join me.

So where do you begin exactly? First things first, don’t feel like you have to go through your whole closet and start donating everything you own. It’s not feasible, this is  a process that you just can’t jump into and go cold turkey, your just trying to live a clutter-free life filled with style so take your time and work through the process.

I CHALLENGE YOU to take this journey with me. Try it out and see where we all end up. We all need support groups and friends to help us along the way, why not do it together and create a space to share. I just want for you and me to help each other learn how to work with our wardrobes and live a stylish clutter free life.

I’ve starting this blog feature to hear from you and to share ideas as we go through this process.  I hope you join me in this journey.





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Birthday Wishes: Polka Dots and Pencil Skirts

Hello Everyone,

Another year older and another year wiser. I’ve learn so much about life and fashion in the past year and I hope that I can continue to share this journey with you.

This is the third installment of the collaboration with Vivid Foto.  This particular set is my favorite, it reminds me of old Hollywood Glamour and that true style, never goes out of style, we just update it often.




Thanks again for reading, and here’s to more amazing years of style with you.



TOP forever 21
BOTTOM old navy
SHOES christian louboutin
NAILS by  manoa nail salon

Photography Balbino and Melissa Canoy from Vivid Fotos

Victorian Elements


Hello All,

I’m restyling old pieces that I found in my closet this past weekend. Every season before I go to purchase any must have styles, I peruse my closet to see what I already have that work with this season’s trends. I found this chiffon piece that I bought a while back. It has the puffy sleeves, ruffles and the ribbon tie closing at the neck, elements of the Victorian trend that was found on the runway for Spring season. I also found a mermaid skirt that reflects  early and late Victorian skirts styles. I kept  the colors dark in this outfit and I played with cloth textures and weaves.

Thanks for reading.



TOP papaya clothing (old)
BOTTOM forever 21 (old)
SHOES  christian louboutin (old)
PEARLS flea market find


In Search for Angel Wings


I’m a huge fan of Colette Miller and her Angel Wings Project. It’s art that reminds us that we are the biggest change agents within our community. When I found out that her art work was in Hawaii from a friend. I could not help but go and find it.  We often do not realize how much of an impact we have on our communities, her art makes us realize that we are angels for others here and that we have the power to transform other people’s lives as well as our own.  So on my trip up to North Shore, I paid homage to her art and took the customary picture that many have done.


Here’s a link to her project.  She has gone to many communities using her art as a means to motivate people. Enjoy and I hope you get a chance to check out her art in your community.



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Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Rainy Day Break: Salted Lemon



Happy Monday Everyone,

Hawaii has been hot and humid lately with our extended summer weather and potential storms in the Pacific.


On humid and rainy days like the ones we have been having, one of the healthiest treats are cold refreshing acai and papaya bowls at Salted Lemon. I completely adore their take on organic and healthy snacks and drinks. Not to mention the fresh flowers and adorable succulents that adorn their upcycled palette tables and walls.


The place has a distinct feeling of home and rightfully so, Patrick, the owner built the business as  an homage to his mom. He mentioned, that while she battled cancer and went through chemotherapy, he started looking at healthy food options and ingredients. He took this passion for health and built Salted Lemon to share healthy options with the community as well as support local growers that his parents once worked with when they ran Bob’s Market.




If you are in Honolulu, stop by Salted Lemon and take a break with healthy amazing food.


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Jumpsuits and Tea


During the summer I was in search for a great  jumpsuit to change up my wardrobe. I was set in finding one that had a culotte bottom.


I kept this outfit simple but wanted to break up the jumpsuit with a obi belt tied at the waist to separate the top and the bottom.


This is a perfect outfit for lunch dates and afternoon tea. Thanks again for reading. Let me know how you wear your jumpsuits.


JUMPSUIT forever21
BELT belts
SHOES christian louboutin

Concrete Jungle: Military Green and Nuetrals



It’s been sunny lately with a bit of chill. Warm days and cooler nights, definitely Spring weather. It’s time to bring out warm weather pieces.

I wore this outfit touring through the new murals that went up in the Kakaako Area. I love looking at the different murals and looking for inspiration.


I love the effortless pairing of cream and black and I decided to add on a military green anorak for a little bit of color without taking away from the neutral vibe.


I kept the the whole outfit very casual and softened the look with closed toe heeled sandals. I can not get enough of this pair.




Thanks again for reading. Take care.




SHIRT h & m
SKIRT old navy
VEST forever 21
NECKLACE j. crew
SHOES kate spade saturday

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Window Pane Gingham and Saturday Shoes


I have a slight love affair with gingham and plaid. I love the criss crossing patterns of colors and the unexpected color combinations that result from the interwoven threads.

A few months ago, I found this window pane white gingham blouse. It does not have color but I like the unexpected and subtle sheer details of the blouse. It lends itself to other outfit pairings. It’s such a great blouse to dress up or down.


I personally want to play with a pop of color for a layer underneath or to dress down the look with a pair of boyfriend jeans but that will be for another day. Today, I paired it with my midi box pleated skirt and a pair of my favorite Kate Spade Saturday Sandals.



For this particular outfit, I wanted to play with the ever so classic black and white combination. I added a muted black jeweled rope necklace and carried over the criss cross lines of the blouse to my favorite quilted bag.



Have a great Saturday and Thank you again for reading.



SHIRT forever21
SKIRT found at tjmaxx
BRACELETS j creww,
SHOES kate spade saturday
BAG found at tjmaxx

Photo Credit: Adam Levine Photo

Subtle and Elegant: Lace Dress


Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having an great start to your week. I’m loving the sun shiny skies in Hawaii coupled with the chill of the winter wind. It’s great weather, definitely the best of both worlds.

I wore this dress a couple of months ago for a special photo shoot with Vivid Foto in downtown Honolulu. Several pictures were taken in front of the red brick walls near the Irish pubs. This part of downtown reminds me so much of the North East especially Boston.


I absolutely adore this lace floral dress. I love the organic look of the lace overlay and the way the edges border the dress. I keep the shoes and accessories simple because I really wanted to emphasize the subtle details of the dress.



Hope you have a great day. Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.






DRESS forever21
SHOES zara
JEWELRY elizabeth stone jewelry


Sweater Weather: Leopard Spots and Biker Details

leopardsweater1Hey All,

My absolute favorite time of the year is sweater weather in Hawaii. It’s just enough cool to wear light jackets and sweaters. I have a preference for light sweaters and layering. The cool thing about sweater weather here is that its still sunny with a bit of chill in the wind.


Leopard is back this Fall and Winter and it’s more feminine than ever. I found this sweater a year and a half ago. I love the leopard print on the yoke. It has enough leopard to keep the sweater interesting but not over powering. I used it to layer over a basic white shirt and a pair of biker detailed pants.




How do you wear your sweaters?  Let me know what you think.






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SHIRT forever 21 (old)
PANTS forever 21
SHOES michael kors (old)
RING silver spoon jewelry


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