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Happy Thanksgiving and An Awesome Black Friday Too




Hello All,

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I am truly thankful for all the love and support from all my friends, family, and my followers that have been following this blog and taking the time to read it. Blessings to you and your families as you celebrate this holiday with lots of laughter and time well spent with family.

I also hope that you have a safe and exciting Black Friday. If you brave the Black Friday rush, I hope you are able to get great deals as well as get all your shopping done for the holidays.  Some tips for Black Friday speed shopping:

1. Wear tight fitting comfortable clothes and comfy shoes. The lines are long so minimizing your time in the dressing room is a must. The tight fitting clothing will allow you to try on the clothes or items without going to the dressing rooms.  I usually wear yoga pants and workout wear and a pair of flip flops. Shopping is a workout so dress comfortably.

2. Keep your hands free with a cross body bag and prepare your coupons, lists, cards, cash and phone handy.

3. Lists are always awesome.  Have a list of things you are shopping for to deter from over shopping and know your size as well as the sizes of the people you are shopping for.

4. Set a budget and stick to it.

5. Have a game plan, take turns in lines if you are with friends or be friendly with the  person next to you in line, you never know, you may need their help if you are shopping alone.

6. Bring water and hydrate.

7. Have fun!!! 🙂

Thanks again for reading. Take care.



SHIRT old navy
BOTTOM old navy
SHOES tory burch “reva”
BELT ed hardy
ACCESSORIES  homecoming honolulu, gorjana, 7 for all mankind
BAG tribeca

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Rainy Daze: Rainboots in Hawaii

Hello All,

Hope you are having a great day. Rainy season has arrived in Hawaii. The gloomy skies make me want to cuddle up with a good book and read away, warm up with a bowl of hot pho or sip on hot cocoa with floating marshmallows.

With all this rain, it’s amazing not many people wear rain boots in Hawaii. There was a time some years ago when for a whole month or so, we had rain of biblical proportions. It rained so much that for 40 days and nights the rain seemed like it was falling non stop. I will admit it, I should have bought rain boots then but it never dawned on me. It would have saved me so many pairs of shoes that got ruined from the rain.

Last year, I decided to get a pair of wellies to use during rainy season here. This Fall in Hawaii we have had 6 inches of rain and a few flash flood warnings, so I am definitely making it a point to keep my pair in the car just in case.

When I bought my first pair, I decided to find an inexpensive pair because I wasn’t sure about how many times I would wear them. My first pair of wellies have a comic print. It definitely fits my personality but I’m feeling the need to replace them and get a pair that I can use with more outfits. Recently, I decided to start looking for a pair with style and a color that I can integrate into my wardrobe. I’m looking for a pair that looks less like a rubbery rain boot. Wish me luck.

RainydazeA Rainydaze2A Rainydaze3 Rainydaze4

Thank you again for reading. Take care.



CARDIGAN old navy
TOP  h & m
SHOES wellies from ebay
ACCESSORIES  homecoming honolulu, gorjana, 7 for all mankind
BAG michael kors “hamilton”

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Detail Oriented: Textures and Accessories

texture3A texture5A

Hey Everyone,

It doesn’t get that cold in Hawaii but I love to layer when the temperature drops just a little. We might not have the cold chilly winters of the continent but the trade winds more than make up for that. It is definitely not sunshine all year round here, so I have my share of light sweaters and jackets.

When the weather gets cooler, I like to layer my outfits and play with different fabrics. Right now, I’m really loving the look of satin juxtaposed with a light knit  sweater or the fine woven finish of a button down.  It gives an outfit more dimension and character, playing up the different textures harmoniously.

In addition to texture play, I’m currently obsessed with working with accessories to accent and finish my outfits. I love accenting the collar with a pop of sparkle and color or picking up bracelets and rings that have subtle but interesting details.




Thank you again for reading. Take care.



SWEATER j. crew
SHIRT j. crew
SHOES christian louboutin (old)
ACCESSORIES  homecoming honolulu, gorjana, 7 for all mankind, t.j. maxx, leslie danzis

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Visiting Salem: Light Layers





Since we’re in New England and it’s October, we decided to stop into Salem for a day. It was an amazing day taking the different places in town. We stopped in the Salem Witch Museum and learned about the history of the Salem Witch Trials, walked around Salem Commons, stopped and took in the beauty of the House of Seven Gables, the inspiration of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book by the same name and even found a Waikiki Beach in Salem.

The weather was sunny but definitely more chilly than back home. I decided to just throw on my utility vest to keep me warm for the day since it’s in the mid 60’s here.

How do you layer in the fall? Let me know and share your tips.



JACKET forever21 (similar here)
SHIRT old navy
PANTS old navy
SHOES tory burch “reva”
ACCESSORIES homecoming honolulu, gorjana, 7 for all mankind

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Mad About Plaid: Plaid Shorts and Versatile Sandals

white shirt, plaid shorts, mohops, tommy hilfiger, banana republic  white shirt, plaid shorts, mohops, tommy hilfiger, banana republic
Hey all,
Hope you are having an amazing weekend. It has been hot and humid here in the islands, Summer weather is definitely making its presence felt.  My go to Summer weather outfit is a nice light tee, a fun pair of shorts and of course, a cute pair of summer sandals.

Finding a great pair sandals can be difficult. There are so many factors to consider; fit, comfort, quality and materials used.   About 4 years ago, I found these pair of BeSpoke Mohops Sandals. The cool thing about this pair of wedges, the top is interchangeable so you can literally have an infinite amount of sandals using a couple of yards of ribbon, your imagination and a bit of creativity.  On top of being a versatile sandal, its comfortable, vegan as well as eco friendly.  I have to admit, I have a lot of fun trying out different ways to tie these sandals.

What’s your perfect Summer Sandal?


P.S. I’m working with my new photographer. He’s learning a lot and so am I about taking pictures and working on this blog.

TOP tommy hilfiger outlet
SHORTS banana republic outlet
SHOES mohop  infinity “bespoke” high heel
ACCESSORIES homecoming honolulu, gorjana
BAG michael kors wristlet

Photo Credit: My New Photographer

A Walk On The Wild Side: Leopard and Chainmaille Collar


Hello Everyone,
I hope you had an amazing start to your weekend.

I’m not much of a Leopard print kind of girl but I have been on the look out for a pair of Leopard print heels. It’s definitely a classic print that every girl should have in their closet even if it’s just one item. I love the way the neutral colors and design add a bit of personality to a plain outfit or the way the neutral colors are easy to pair with different items.


TOP topshop
PANTS zara
SHOES Yves Saint Laurent
ACCESSORIES jcrew, t.j. maxx, gorjana

Photo Credit: Glenn Andaya Photo

Ethnic Wrap: Geometric Prints and Coated Demin





Hello All, Hope you had an amazing weekend filled with friends and family and enjoying each others company. I picked up this open cardigan back in December and I fell in love with the print from the moment I saw it. I am trying to find excuses to use it whenever the weather gets cooler in Hawaii. I just love the way the beige bolds the black pattern.

How do you incoporate patterns into your wardrobe? Let me know.




TOP forever21
CARDIGAN forever21
PANTS zara
SHOES christian louboutin
BAG proenza schouler
ACCESSORIES jcrew, homecoming honolulu, gap,tjmaxx gorjana

Photo Credit: Taryn Reid Photography

Smiles and Rainbows: Printed Dress and Gold Details


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are having an amazing and good Friday! It’s been raining a lot lately here the past couple of days. When in rains in Hawaii, there are always rainbows, gleams of hope on rainy days, that brighten up the gloomy sky. I love the way the half moon print of the dress reminds me of rainbows and smiling faces.





Hope you are having an amazing day!


DRESS banana republic
VEST forever21
SHOES dr. martens
BAG michael kors
ACCESSORIES stella & dot, jcrew, homecoming honolulu, gap, gorjana

Photo Credit: Glenn Andaya Photo

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