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Downtown Adventure: Modern Mod Dress and Simple Crossbody


Hey Everyone,

Hope you are having a great week. This past weekend, I celebrated the two year anniversary of A Pair of Shoes for Everyday. It’s been a great year of learning and growing but I could not help but celebrate the small successes.



To celebrate this little blog that can, we decided for a Downtown Honolulu adventure. For several years, Downtown Honolulu has gone through major transformations, there are so many cool places to eat and lounge as well as shop. We decided to checkout a new location for Marukame Udon and Tempura before checking out the different boutiques.  I like the atmosphere and character of downtown; the different architectural styles, the red bricked buildings, the patches of cobble stone walkways, the older buildings of China Town intermingled with soaring skyscrapers and the small welcoming gardens for people taking a break.  Everyone is always coming or going but on holidays, it is quite peaceful.

After lunch, we walked down the street to check out the boutiques that have sprung up near the landmark Hawaii Theatre. On days like this, I like to pop into Fighting Eel to see their latest line, check the stock  of Jeffrey Campbell shoes at Homecoming Boutique, new artful accessories at Ginger13 or stop by Let Them Eat Cupcakes to pick up my favorite flavors. Today however, I decided to check out Barrio Vintage to peruse their selection of vintage finds and check out Cake Envy for their amazing cheesecakes.

Recently, my go to purse is this cream Tribeca Hudson Street Crossbody. I’m rarely ever interested in handbags or bags for that matter but I picked this up a couple of months ago to make it easier to carry all the essentials. It was the bag of choice as I ran out the door for our downtown adventure.  It’s so easy to pair with anything, perfect for days you want your hands to be free, and great for shopping and running errands.


What’s your bag of choice?

Thank you again for reading. Take care and Enjoy the rest of your week.



DRESS bamboo sky
SHOES jeffrey campbell
BAG tribeca hudson street crossbody by joy gryson

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

My Two Passions: Education and Fashion

passion3 passion4 passion2 passion

Hello All,

This post is very near and dear to my heart. I have two passions in life. The first is educating young minds to achieve their dreams, whatever those dreams may be. My real work is, allowing them to see their options for a future that they are only dreaming to achieve. Someone in my past gave me those options, it’s now my turn to allow others to see it. Being an educator has allowed me to see the most amazing things happen in the classroom, the light bulbs that light up when an epiphany is reached, the look of defeat after a long day, as well tears of joy when something amazing happens. I am a witness to this daily.

My other passion, that I devote time to is Fashion. It is something I loved dearly even as a child and this blog is the outlet for this other passion in my life.

Recently, I came across the brand, True Story Text Stiles, and instantly fell in love with this particular design in their collection. It speaks to educators and parents as well as students who have heard the phrase “Do Your Homework.”  I not only love the message that this particular shirt offers the reader but I love that it’s comical and whimsical and speaks to fond memories of being in the classroom, in schools, as well as conversations with parents and teachers.

What is your passion?




TOP true story text stiles
SHOES jeffrey campbell

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Walking on Sunshine

I have been obsessing over these the past couple of months after seeing them worn by the owner of Homecoming Honolulu. So naturally when they came in last week, trying them on was on my “to do list.” After stopping to pick up a pair of shoes from my cobbler, I walked up the street to Homecoming Honolulu to try these on. I was pleasantly surprised that they fit me perfectly. I can’t wait to wear these out and do a shoe review after wearing them out a couple of times. They remind me of sunshiny weather and bright summer flowers when I look down on my feet. Such a perfect summer shoe.


Review: Jeffrey Campbell “Encase”

Jeffrey Campbell Encase 2Hi All,

I hope you are having an amazing Sunday afternoon. I’ve been enjoying today with time spent with my family and friends. I am definitely looking forward to Summer and working on this blog more extensively. I have so many plans that I cannot wait to share with you.

I’ve been a little relaxed with this blog. I’m trying my best to find time to work on blog posts as well as keep up with the pace of my day job. I’m deciding to do more reviews on different pairs of shoes that are added to my collection. Hopefully, I can do one or two every month. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I would love to hear from you.

I fell in love with this pair a few months ago while looking through my feed on Instagram. I have recently become a Jeffrey Campbell shoes fanatic and so far I have been happy with every purchase. After months and months of waiting to find these shoes in my size. I finally found them last month at Nordstrom. They came in two different color combinations, black with white sole and heel and this one, silver with natural sole and heel. I opted the Silver version of this shoe as it works better for my wardrobe. I adore the fact that the silver is a little muted and that it has a vintage feel to the overall look of the shoe.

Jeffrey Campbell Encase

Jeffrey Campbell Encase

Jeffrey Campbell Encase 3 Jeffrey Campbell Encase 5

Details about the shoe:

Shoe Details: Shoe comes in two color combinations, black with white heel and sole and silver with natural heel and sole. 3 inch thick heel and zipper back allows to easily put on and take off the shoe. The strappy design is uncomplicated and classic and works with different outfits.

Packaging: The shoe comes in a box with the signature Jeffrey Campbell design. The shoe was in bed of tissue paper, individual sides of the shoe are packed in their own dust bags.

Fit: The Shoes fits  true to size.

Quality: The shoe is made of silver dyed leather with leather lining.

Comfort: So far the shoes is comfortable to wear. The pitch of the leather stacked heel is about 3 inches but because of the thickness of the heel, the shoe is comfortable to walk in and does not put a strain on your arch. I have worn the shoe at work and on a dinner with friends and both times they strappy design did not blister or hurt my feet.

Price: $169.95  (But prices may vary depending on the establishment.) This particular pair was obtained from Nordstrom.

So far, I have been happy with this purchase. I have also worked it into my wardrobe easily. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me. I hope this helps you decide if this is the shoe for you. Have a wonderful Sunday. Take care.



Review: Jeffrey Campbell Skulltini Flats

Hi All,

I know I promised to post the items for my style challenge but I haven’t gotten to taking pictures of every item. I will hopefully post them sometime this week. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately with the weather here being a bit indecisive.

Since I bought my Martini flats from Jeffrey Campbell. It’s been my go to flats for work, errands, or just hanging out with friends. I’ve been loving how the leather lining molds to my feet. When the Skulltini design came out, I wasn’t sold completely but decided to check it out at Nordstrom. I tried on several colors but instantly fell in love with the red and gunmetal combination. I’ve had it for about a month and I thought I’d let you know my thoughts on them.

Details about the shoe:

Packaging: The shoe comes in a box and each shoe has a it’s own dust bag.
Unlike the Martini flats there are no replacement skulls for this shoe.

Fit: TTS. It runs a little narrow at the heel.

Quality: The shoe is made of synthetic upper with skull ornamentation. Leather lining and synthetic sole. The craftsmanship is great, the synthetic leather looks supple and the skulls are securely attached.

Comfort: After month of wear, the shoe has not given me blisters or cuts. The shoes is extremely comfortable.

Price: $150.00 (But prices may vary depending on the establishment)

I hope this helps you decide if this is the shoe for you.

Hope you are having an amazing Saturday. Take care.




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