Tulle and Tee Shirts


Hey All,

There is something completely whimsical about tulle skirts. I love the airiness and flow of the fabric. I adore the fact that they can be worn casual or formal depending on the pairing. The tulle skirt I am wearing in this picture took me a year to make. It’s not because it was hard to make. It took a year because I put it off while I made different styles of tulle skirts in between. This was the first tulle skirt I attempted to make but I made it a little little different from the others. I took it apart several times before I settled on hand pleating each layer and then finishing it.

Today, I decided to wear my tulle skirt with my favorite simple fitted tee, it reminds me of a ballerina’s outfit, simple and romantic.  I decided to pull it all together with an obi belt and a pair of nude pumps to lengthen my frame.

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