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Sweaters & Interesting Details

Hawaii is experiencing a cold spell. I really love colder weather here. I get the opportunity to wear sweaters and get bundled up. I completely adore sweaters with unexpected details; bow prints, polka dots, stripes or distressed details.

I have been watching a show on Netflix called Meteor Garden. I’m completely inspired by the fashion of the characters and all the different sweaters they use. I love all the different details from hooks, to distressing, to patterns, and interesting color combinations.

I have had this sweater in my collection for a while I love its distressed and unraveled sides, the soft yarn used, and the slouchy look. I paired it with dressy jogger pants and an asymmetric shirt.

What kind of details you like on your sweaters?

Thanks again for reading.



P.S. My hair was braided by Tiffany from TBraids808Hawaii. Thank you for making my hair for amazing.

SWEATER forever21 (old)
T SHIRT all saints
PANTS uniqlo
SANDALS isabel marant “jeyka”
HAIR tbraids808hawaii

Natural Inspiration at McBryde Gardens

img_3965Kauai from the plane


A month ago we took a trip to Kauai.  Some of the first stops on the island was the Kauai Coffee company to check out their Fall blends of coffee. And go check out Glass Beach were the Sand is made out of pieces of glass that have been polished by the salt water.

img_4022Glass Beachimg_4031

Our first day there on Kauai, we wanted to visit McBryde Gardens. Originally, part of the Sugar Plantation that my great grandfather worked on when he first arrived to the islands, McBryde today is a research institute for the study of endangered plants from all over  the world. It is home to the Breadfruit Institute and other plants that are being researched and cultivated to help with world hunger and to find cures for various diseases. Also, it is home to endangered plants that are being studied to save them from extinction.


We had the opportunity to check out beautiful plants and explore the gardens.









DRESS Fighting Eel (old)
SANDALS blue mountain (old)



Waikiki Shopping with Nordstrom Rack

Photo Credit: APairOfShoesForEveryday

Hey Everyone,

This past week was a busy time for work as well as for the blog. I’m excited to share with you the news that Nordstrom Rack has opened up their new store in the heart of Waikiki’s shopping district.  I’ve been a Nordstrom Rack shopper for years especially after college when they first opened their Ward store. It is the one place I go to for my favorite designer brands for discounted prices.

alohanordstromrack5alohanordstromrack3Photo Credit: APairOfShoesForEveryday

Tuesday last week, I attended the private shopping event and got a chance to check out the store at the Waikiki Trade Center. In true Nordstrom Rack style, there was a great selection  clothing, shoes, beauty products, accessories, and housewares.


I went to check out the handbags and the designer shoe sections for wishlist items. I was excited to find a Love Crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff that I have been eyeing for a couple of years now and a pom pom charm that’s on trend at the moment. You’ll be seeing these on blog soon.


I also tried on several sunnies and designer watches that caught my eye.


Ultimately, I spent the night helping my husband select a few items to add to his wardrobe.



After the Tuesday event. We decided to check out the store again on Labor Day.

nordstromPhoto Credit: APairOfShoesForEveryday

I hope you get a chance to check out the store the next time you are in Waikiki and let me know what you find.



Photos Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack unless otherwise stated. All opinions are my own.

Nordstrom Rack is located at :

Waikiki Trade Center
2255 Kuhio Ave. Suite 200
Honolulu, HI 96815

SUNGLASSES cole haan
TOP jcrew
SHOES m. gemi
RINGS  m33ms designs
BAG dooney and burke


Encapsulate: Starting Out



The picture above is about 6 months old. A lot can happen in six months. It feels like life happened in fast forward. A new adventure started, so many goals came into fruition, new perspectives and a lot of changes. I’ll be sharing some of them with you in the next couple of posts.

While life was happening, my wardrobe for the past six months can be described as simplified. I’m so use to working with a closet full of clothes and I’m finding myself working with the few clothes I packed for the big move. No, I’m not  going anywhere different, just a few life changes, a new chapter and  a new apartment with very little space.

Space is definitely an issue, especially in Hawaii. It’s a small island with limited space and not a whole lot of room for houses and apartments. This got me thinking about Capsule Wardrobes and their utilitarian minimalism. I’ve been drawn to them lately and Pinterest is helping me figure it out somehow. I like the idea that less means more style.

It is said that the average women’s wardrobe about a hundred years ago consisted of about 35 pieces, 35 quality investment pieces. The advent of mass production and cheaper materials led to changes in our access to clothing and our wardrobes became larger and more cluttered. We live in such a surplus world that we never really think we can do so much with so little.  Surprisingly, I thought that 35 pieces was such a small amount until I started to see what I could do with it. It is simple math really, it’s something we learned in grade school, it’s all about combinations and permutations.

The French know it as the 5 piece wardrobe,  we call it the Capsule Wardrobe, some people want the feeling of a simplified life, others want to declutter and reorganize, while others want it to be packable for a journey.  Whatever the reason, it’s definitely something to consider.

Everyone is going to have their own reason. I’ve been intrigued by the idea for a long time, but the most important thing is to begin somewhere. Caroline from Un-Fancy did it in 2014.  I don’t want to re-invent the wheel so just click on the link above and you can check out her blog. Other bloggers have done it or are doing it. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon. I’m here just to share my story and my journey. I hope you join me.

So where do you begin exactly? First things first, don’t feel like you have to go through your whole closet and start donating everything you own. It’s not feasible, this is  a process that you just can’t jump into and go cold turkey, your just trying to live a clutter-free life filled with style so take your time and work through the process.

I CHALLENGE YOU to take this journey with me. Try it out and see where we all end up. We all need support groups and friends to help us along the way, why not do it together and create a space to share. I just want for you and me to help each other learn how to work with our wardrobes and live a stylish clutter free life.

I’ve starting this blog feature to hear from you and to share ideas as we go through this process.  I hope you join me in this journey.





TOP forever 21
BOTTOM forever 21
SHOES christian louboutin

Tulle and Tee Shirts


Hey All,

There is something completely whimsical about tulle skirts. I love the airiness and flow of the fabric. I adore the fact that they can be worn casual or formal depending on the pairing. The tulle skirt I am wearing in this picture took me a year to make. It’s not because it was hard to make. It took a year because I put it off while I made different styles of tulle skirts in between. This was the first tulle skirt I attempted to make but I made it a little little different from the others. I took it apart several times before I settled on hand pleating each layer and then finishing it.

Today, I decided to wear my tulle skirt with my favorite simple fitted tee, it reminds me of a ballerina’s outfit, simple and romantic.  I decided to pull it all together with an obi belt and a pair of nude pumps to lengthen my frame.

Thanks again for reading.






SHIRT j crew factory
SKIRT diy tulle skirt
SHOES michael kors
BELT ada collection


Sweater Weather: Leopard Spots and Biker Details

leopardsweater1Hey All,

My absolute favorite time of the year is sweater weather in Hawaii. It’s just enough cool to wear light jackets and sweaters. I have a preference for light sweaters and layering. The cool thing about sweater weather here is that its still sunny with a bit of chill in the wind.


Leopard is back this Fall and Winter and it’s more feminine than ever. I found this sweater a year and a half ago. I love the leopard print on the yoke. It has enough leopard to keep the sweater interesting but not over powering. I used it to layer over a basic white shirt and a pair of biker detailed pants.




How do you wear your sweaters?  Let me know what you think.






SWEATER forever 21 (old)
SHIRT forever 21 (old)
PANTS forever 21
SHOES michael kors (old)
RING silver spoon jewelry


Blue and Brass: Ocean Blue Midi with Brass Details


Hey All,

I hope you had an amazing couple of weeks. School and work is tapering down for me and I’m looking forward to a long awaited trip. Before I step into the cold winters of the mid-west, I’m going to enjoy the next couple of weeks of cool days and sunny skies.

Shades of blue are in this season and when I saw this midi skirt it reminded me of the cool ocean blues that surround Hawaii.  I choose this brass necklace to compliment the brass studs in the shoes. I love how the gold tone of the brass brings out the richness of the blue.





Thanks again to reading. How do you wear your blues? Let me know. Take care.






SHIRT rumi murakami
SKIRT h and m
SHOES coach
NECKLACE stella and dot
RINGS tiffany co, m33ms designs, silver spoon jewelry, random rings


Fade to Gray: Gray Stripes and Violet Highlights



Happy Saturday Everyone,

The weather here is getting chilly especially for Hawaii standards. It is definitely my favorite time of year because I have the opportunity to layer, something I do not have a chance to do the rest of the year.

Gray is big this season and I wanted to create an outfit using different shades of gray. I found this dress from Florencia Arias, a local designer, and I instantly fell in love with the cut and the subtle stripes of gray. I like to mix pieces that have structure to pieces that are more organic so naturally, I chose this open cardigan for its shape and added a pop of color with this scarf.





Thank you so much for reading. Let me know what you think.





DRESS florencia arias
SHOES zara
RINGS silver spoon jewelry, cinnamon girl, m33ms, tiffany and co.


Layers of Lace

Lace in Downtown Lace in Downtown Lace in Downtown Lace in Downtown Lace in Downtown

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having an amazing Wednesday. I’m playing with lace today. The key to layering lace prints is similar to that of layering patterns. I gravitate towards lace pieces that have similar patterns and I keep both lace pieces neutral. Because lace is delicate, I accessorize with multiple strands of pearls and a bit of sparkle. This outfit is perfect for brunch or a dinner with the family.

Thank you again for reading.




TOP forever 21
SKIRT forever 21
SHOES christian louboutin
BRACELETS j crew, unknown


White Shirts are Easy





Hello Everyone,

White shirts make the world go round. I have a ton of them in my closet, in different fabrics, cuts, and fits. I found this easy pullover from Rumi Murikami’s Summer Collection last month at the Made in Hawaii festival and I’ve already worn in several times. It’s an easy piece that goes with everything. I can dress it up or dress it down and the cut is perfect for those extra warm Hawaiian afternoons. I paired this shirt with a set of DIY necklaces and a pair of patented red ballet flats to give it a polished tribal look. How do you wear your white shirts? Let me know.



P.S. The Cut Collective is having a trunk show this weekend, Saturday, September 27, 2014, 11 AM-4PM. Check out the amazing collections of Allison Izu, Rumi Murakami, and Ten Tomorrow.



SHIRT rumi murikami
PANTS gap(old)
SHOES zara


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