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Review: Hunter Rain Boots


Hi Everyone,

I’ve been meaning to do a shoe review for a while now. I think the last shoe review I did was on the Mohop Bespoke Sandals that I know. I am hoping to do at least one review per month if my pocketbook will let me.

For a couple of years now, I have been looking at a pair Hunter Rain boots. It was definitely on my boot wish list. I read through a lot of reviews on the item before I decided to finally take the plunge and purchase myself a pair. Because of my petite frame. some things that I considered before purchasing was  fit and the height of the boot shalf.

I decided to buy my pair of Hunter Rain boots last December before heading out to Northern Michigan. There were two reasons for this purchase. One, the rain boots would come in handy in Hawaii for the rainy seasons. For the most part people here like to wear their flip flops (in Hawaii we call them slippers) or whatever shoes that they have. I personally do not like it when my feet gets wet in the rain unless I am dressed like I am going to the beach. The second reason is that I wanted to see if it really worked in the snowy weather. It was definitely worth a try.

Before taking the plunge and purchasing a pair. I read reviews about Hunter boots for a while and perused different opinions on petite friendly sizing. So while certain colors were on sale at Nordstrom and decided to go and  check them out. I was torn between the women’s size five in the regular and the women’s size five short. I know that a lot of petite women recommend trying the children’s Big Kid size 3. After trying out the adult sizes, I decided to try out the Big Kid boots for myself. I found myself in the kids section of Nordstrom. I left Nordstrom not purchasing one that day. I wanted to do more research before completely committing to a pair.  After some thought, i decided on purchasing the children’s version. Some things that helped me consider:

1. a children’s size 3 is the same as a women’s size 5.

2. The shaft for the children’s size 3 was a lot more fitting to my height and frame than the women’s size 5.

3. The boots are made with the same material and have the same use and the price difference was about $100. So I went with the more cost effective version.

4. They look a little different, child size shoes has reflectors while the women’s do not have reflectors. I personally do not mind the reflectors. The socks cover the reflectors at the top and the bottom reflectors are hardly noticeable.

5. Calve sizing on the children’s Big Kid size was a bit looser than the Women’s version. I have bigger calves so this was a welcomed feature.




HUNTER BOOTS big kid size 3.5  (women’s version )

I initially bought socks to go with these hunter boots but have since returned them. I was given heated socks to use with mine for the cold Michigan winter. They actually worked better than the Hunter brand socks.


After two months of owning a pair of Hunter  Rain Boots they have really come in handy. I wore the boots mainly in Michigan  in the snow. They manage to keep my feet dry and warm for the times I used them on the trip. They worked better than my Dr. Marten’s in keeping my toes and my feet insulated in the light snow that we got up there. It’s great for walking around in lightly dusted areas but it definitely is not for heavier snow mainly because I do not know if the bottom of the boots have the grip needed. Besides snow, I have used it in torrential Hawaii rain when the streets are a bit flooded. At this point in time, I am satisfied with the purchase. If you have any questions feel free to comment or send me an email.



Rainy Daze: Rainboots in Hawaii

Hello All,

Hope you are having a great day. Rainy season has arrived in Hawaii. The gloomy skies make me want to cuddle up with a good book and read away, warm up with a bowl of hot pho or sip on hot cocoa with floating marshmallows.

With all this rain, it’s amazing not many people wear rain boots in Hawaii. There was a time some years ago when for a whole month or so, we had rain of biblical proportions. It rained so much that for 40 days and nights the rain seemed like it was falling non stop. I will admit it, I should have bought rain boots then but it never dawned on me. It would have saved me so many pairs of shoes that got ruined from the rain.

Last year, I decided to get a pair of wellies to use during rainy season here. This Fall in Hawaii we have had 6 inches of rain and a few flash flood warnings, so I am definitely making it a point to keep my pair in the car just in case.

When I bought my first pair, I decided to find an inexpensive pair because I wasn’t sure about how many times I would wear them. My first pair of wellies have a comic print. It definitely fits my personality but I’m feeling the need to replace them and get a pair that I can use with more outfits. Recently, I decided to start looking for a pair with style and a color that I can integrate into my wardrobe. I’m looking for a pair that looks less like a rubbery rain boot. Wish me luck.

RainydazeA Rainydaze2A Rainydaze3 Rainydaze4

Thank you again for reading. Take care.



CARDIGAN old navy
TOP  h & m
SHOES wellies from ebay
ACCESSORIES  homecoming honolulu, gorjana, 7 for all mankind
BAG michael kors “hamilton”

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

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