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Summer Lace & Retro Pearls

Summer Lace

Hey Everyone,

Nothing reminds me of summer more than cream and lace. When I first saw this blouse from J. Crew, I absolutely adored the puffy lace sleeves and the airy cotton bodice,  perfect for the warm summer days and nights in Hawaii. I foresee this blouse becoming a definite summer wardrobe staple. I cannot wait to pair it with shorts for a more casual look or dress it up a bit with a high waist pencil skirt.



I added retro inspired pieces like the pearl and pyramid bangles and the pearl leaf necklace to dress it up a bit. I love the creamy look of the gold paired with the pearls in each of these pieces,  the gold is subtle and not overpowering so it dresses up this casual outfit.

IMG_6886 Summer Lace


Thank you once again for reading.



TOP j crew
PANTS old navy
SHOES tory burch “reva’
NECKLACE tj maxx
BAG london fog

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Dots of Prosperity and Joy

Michelle_SandIsland-26 Michelle_SandIsland-27 Michelle_SandIsland-29Michelle_SandIsland-30

Hello all,

Happy Aloha Friday everyone! I love saying that. It has a ring to it that makes you enjoy the weekend just a tad bit more. As a kid, I enjoyed my summers away from school spending time at friends houses, having sleepovers, and enjoying the beach on sunnier days. I remember going to this place, Sand Island, and playing on the rocks with my brother whenever my family had a beach day.  Ashley, my photographer, and I had fun taking this shoot on the rocks with the backdrop of Downtown Honolulu. I love the juxtaposition of the relaxing beach atmosphere to the concrete jungle. I enjoyed skipping on the rocks, can you tell?

In my culture, wearing polka dots on New Years Eve suggests that the coming year will be full of wealth, joy, and prosperity  and since Summer for me marks the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one, I decided to wear polka dots to celebrate a more amazing year for my career, this blog, as well as other plans I have in store.

Hope you are Having a Great Friday! I am about to start mine. Follow my blog or check me out on Instagram at ellelovesshoes.




DRESS jcrew
SHOES tory burch “reva”
BELT ann taylor
ACCESSORIES jcrew, homecoming honolulu, tjmaxx, gap & gorjana
BAG dooney and burke

Photo Credit: Taryn Reid Photography

Review: Tory Burch Reva Flats

Hi All,

Hope you are having an amazing Saturday. I’m trying to get things done on my list and as promised here is my review of the Tory Burch Reva Flats that I picked up on Sunday.

This week, I couldn’t seem to get enough of how comfortable these flats felt on my feet. I have read many many reviews on them and everyone I have read has spoken about it. This year, I put in on my wishlist of items I wanted to add to my closet. Here is my take on the Reva Flats.

I own three pairs of flats in my collection of shoes. Two are from Jeffrey Campbell and this pair of black Reva Flats from Tory Burch.   I initially wanted a pair that had a subdued black emblem but the gold emblem detail stood out to me. I tried several pairs before settling on getting this pair and after a week owning them, I have already worn them several times at work.

I love the way the leather feels on my feet. It is supple and soft and hugs my feet.

Details about the shoe:

Packaging: The shoe comes in a box with the signature Tory Burch design.  The shoe was in bed of tissue paper. It does not come with a dust bag.

Fit:  TTS. I usually fit shoes from sizes 4 to 6 depends on the cut and make of the shoe, for this particular shoe I purchased a size 5 because I felt the 4.5  feel to snug for my toes in the toe box area. The heel has elastic gathering which I am happy about because it stays on my narrow heel. So far, I’m very happy with the fit of the shoe.

Quality: The shoe is made of soft nappa leather with the signature Tory Burch emblem for ornamentation in the front of the shoe. The lining for this shoe is leather and the insole has padding that hugs your feet at every step. The craftsmanship looks amazing.

Comfort: After a week for wear,  the shoe has not given me blisters or cuts. The shoes is extremely comfortable.

Price: $225.00 (But prices may vary depending on the establishment)

I hope this helps you decide if this is the shoe for you. I’m glad that I purchased them.

Hope you are having an amazing Saturday. Take care.








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