Buying and Supporting Local, Now More Than Ever

I grew up with my mom and my aunt working for the fashion industry of Hawaii. In the 1990’s, the Hawaii’s fashion industry took a hit with outsourcing of many companies to foreign countries for cheaper labor. The very industry that help to put me through school and to support my upbringing is the very industry that benefits when I buy locale. I planned to post this in November but I did not get a chance to post it. Then our lives changed in a matter of days because of a virus,  so I think it is more appropriate now, more than ever. 

So why do I support local? I support locale designers and workers, because it supports Hawaii and the people that live here.  When you buy local you also say yes to ethical and better working conditions. It does not support the corporate and global fast fashion industry, who may be taking advantage of the workers at the bottom. It helps you support people like you and me, trying to make it in the global market. When you buy local, you are giving them your support and the vote of confidence, a fighting chance to exist in our world. 

I have been buying locale for more than 10 years. I prefer it if I can help it. I use to shop at a local store called Second Skin, which curated local and indie brands in a small boutique at Ward Warehouse in the early 2000’s. My conversations with the owner help me understand local brands. There are a lot of great local companies that fit every budget and style. Supporting and buying locale means you support the dreams and ideas of Hawaii’s people so our local industries thrive in Hawaii’s economy. 

As we take the time to spend more time at home in a time when it is crucial to our well being and the well being of the people we love, also support the the companies that are here locally, help them thrive so that our local economies and our people will survive this storm. If our localities were self sufficient and sustainable at one point in history, now is the time to make it that way again. To restart and reset and hope for a better tomorrow. 

Here are a few of my favorite local brands. Take a peak and look.  I have links for them below. 



Rumi Murakami  

Ten Tomorrow 

Fighting Eel

Allison Izu

Ari South





Bevel Hawaii


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