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Wanderlust: Cruising Through Central America


A few weeks ago we got an opportunity to take a break and spend time with family. Our first stop was Florida and a visit to the campus of University of Miami. versailles1

On our first night there, we got a chance to taste the Cuban food from Versaille Restuarant in Miami.



Our first stop in Central America was Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras, were we got a chance to swim with dolphins. And a quick stop in Belize where we drifted down Rio Grande. Both places were full of eco-tours.

dolphinencounterroatan2roatan6roatan8.:Outfit:. BIKINI TOP gap (similar here) BIKINI BOTTOM (similar here) COVERUP asos FLIPFLOPS old navy (2 pack here)

We cruised up to Cozumel for some fun in the sun and a cooking class on Mexican food and learned strategies and recipes to bring back home.


carribean.:Outfit:. TOP avasky SHORTS old navy SANDALS blue mountain (similar here )



And finished the trip with a visit to the Mayan ruins.

.:Outfit:.DRESS ava sky (similar here) SANDALS grey by saks 5th avenue (similar here)

Hope you enjoyed  these snap shots of the Western Carribbean.



Creative Spring


Spring is here and the weather is warming up everywhere. On days when the sun is out and we are running around exploring or running errands, there’s nothing like denim cut offs and a lace crochet top to celebrate the weather.


We decided to visit our favorite shops today, look into photography supplies at Treehouse, get inspired by plants at Paiko, and test out some sewing machines. Not bad for the first Tuesday of Spring for an inspired creative.




TOP forever 21
BOTTOM old navy
FLIPFLOPS old navy

Silver Sequins and Celebrations


Hello All,

This past Saturday, we got a chance to celebrate with family at a family wedding. The backdrop was a beautiful floral garden on a perfect Spring Day.


I wore a simple ensemble of neutrals. The muted silver sheen of this skirt adds a touch of fancy without overpowering the pairing. I adore the fish scale look of the skirt, it reminds of mermaids. I added a couple of strands of pearls and sparkly earrings to tie the whole outfit together.

Hope you are having a great Sunday as I get back into the swing of things.



TOP h&m
BOTTOM banana republic
SHOES kate spade saturday (old)
BAG tj maxx find

Wanderlust: Taste of the Garden Isle, Kauai Adventure


About a month ago, we decided to take a break from Oahu and make our way to Kauai. It was a great weekend to get away and just enjoy life on another island. We got a chance to spend time with family and check out the cool sites to see on Kauai. Here are a few shots on our drive up to the north where we got a chance to visit the wet and drive caves.


I enjoy the character of each island. Kauai has this air of relaxation wherever you go. I love checking out the beaches there, so serene and peaceful.




We got a chance to check out the newly renovated Kilauea light house and listen to its significant story.


We also got a chance to check out one of my favorite local brands of coffee,  Kauai Coffee Company and take a tour of their farm as well as go coffee tasting.



wpid-20150221_193915.jpgAnd best of all, we got a chance to taste some of the local cuisine at a few popular eateries. Many Kauai restaurants are incorporating locally grown produce in their dishes.



Hope you enjoy these snap shots of Kauai.




SHIRT old navy
SHORTS j crew
SANDALS grey by saks 5th avenue

Flowers in the Shade: Sleeveless Button Downs and Floral Pencil Skirt


I’ve always been a fan of the classic pencil skirt in unexpected prints. I feel in love with this skirt last spring because of its bold red poppy print against the deep violet background. I love the contrast of the two colors and how compliment each other so well. They remind me of the beautiful perenials that welcome the Spring sunshine.


The personality of the skirt is so strong that I decided to highlight by using neutral accessories.


This is a perfect outfit for afternoon tea with friends.


Thanks again for reading. Let me know how you dress for easy going Spring afternoons.


SHIRT old navy
SKIRT zara
BELT muse belts
SHOES christian louboutin
BAG tribeca

Spring is Here: Shirt and Stripes


Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having a great first day of Spring.  One of the major Spring trends that I’m loving right now are shirt dresses. I’m a huge fan of button down shirts and shirt dresses have the same appeal for me. Shirt dresses are easy to put on and embellish. You can definitely dressed them up or down and accessorize how ever you want.  It is a versatile piece you can definitely wear on its own or wear over a pair of skinny jeans or even tuck under a pencil skirt.  It’s a piece that is a great addition to any wardrobe. Ideally, I would recommend finding one that is plain colored or pinstriped if you want to give it staying power in your wardrobe.


I picked this up on sale a couple of years ago while shopping at a local Hawaii boutique called Eden in Love. I instantly fell in love with the colorful stripes and the soft feel and drape of the fabric. Here I finished the look up with a leather obi belt and some nude pumps to give my legs some length.


Thanks again for Reading.




BELT ada belts
SHOES christian louboutin

Orange You Glad It’s Spring: Color Pick Me Up

Orangespring OrangeSpring5 OrangeSpring4 OrangeSpring3

Hello All,

Hope you are having a great weekend. I find that wearing color really changes how you I  feel and my outlook about anything, so with that in mind, I’ve been trying to incorporate them into my daily clothing choices.  A color, I have been loving for spring is orange. It’s one of those colors that instantly brightens the day. I like adding it to neutral outfits that need a pop of color.

 So What color brightens your day? Let me know. Take care and thanks again for reading.




SHIRT j crew
SKIRT eden in love
SHOES kate spade
BAG london fog

Photo Credit: Adam Levine

Mad About Plaid: Plaid Shorts and Versatile Sandals

white shirt, plaid shorts, mohops, tommy hilfiger, banana republic  white shirt, plaid shorts, mohops, tommy hilfiger, banana republic
Hey all,
Hope you are having an amazing weekend. It has been hot and humid here in the islands, Summer weather is definitely making its presence felt.  My go to Summer weather outfit is a nice light tee, a fun pair of shorts and of course, a cute pair of summer sandals.

Finding a great pair sandals can be difficult. There are so many factors to consider; fit, comfort, quality and materials used.   About 4 years ago, I found these pair of BeSpoke Mohops Sandals. The cool thing about this pair of wedges, the top is interchangeable so you can literally have an infinite amount of sandals using a couple of yards of ribbon, your imagination and a bit of creativity.  On top of being a versatile sandal, its comfortable, vegan as well as eco friendly.  I have to admit, I have a lot of fun trying out different ways to tie these sandals.

What’s your perfect Summer Sandal?


P.S. I’m working with my new photographer. He’s learning a lot and so am I about taking pictures and working on this blog.

TOP tommy hilfiger outlet
SHORTS banana republic outlet
SHOES mohop  infinity “bespoke” high heel
ACCESSORIES homecoming honolulu, gorjana
BAG michael kors wristlet

Photo Credit: My New Photographer

I’m on a Shopping Diet . . .

Hey All,

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I made a deal with one of my friends that we would go on a diet together. Not just exercising and eating healthy but also putting the pocketbook on a much needed diet.  I’ve been emptying out my closet these past couple of months anticipating some major changes in the near future. I didn’t realize it was so much work trying to get rid of  stuff that has accumulated through the years. I sat down with a friend of mine and tried on dress after dress and put them into piles. I had a pile of maybes for the ones I could not part with yet. I’m trying to be as thorough as possible knowing that there are pieces in my closet that I truly covet and cannot part with at the moment.

Shoes of course is a different story. Deciding whether to keep a pair of shoes or to sell it, is definitely taking a lot of thought. There are shoes that I like a lot and have decided to put them up for sale on eBay and Poshmark because I believe they will find better homes with women who will love them and wear them out more than I do.  Paring down the collection is work but making a list of pros and cons helps me a lot in my decision making process. The blog through the year is helping me understand my style more than ever.  If the shoe no longer fits my style profile, it definitely goes into the pile that is going to a better home. Making room on my shoe shelf  and giving the pairs I love more mileage is on my need to do list.

There are days I wish I could shop especially since J. Crew and Zara just had a major sale. I trick is that I avoid J. Crew at the mall and luckily we do not have a Zara here. I still window shop on the sites to see what’s up and put items in my shopping cart but I really think about purchasing these items. It’s helping a little but like I said earlier, there are goals I am looking forward to accomplishing so the diet will have to do for now until that goal is reached.

How do put yourself on a shopping diet?



Orange You Glad It’s Almost Summer: Zara Colorblocked Ankle Strap Heels

Orange Color Block Zara Sandals

IMG_3639Hello All,

Hope you are having an amazing day! I picked up these Zara heels in the beginning of Spring when they first came out on the Zara website. I often have the issue of finding my size going out of stock so when I see my size and  if I really like the pair of shoes I find the need to purchase it as soon as possible. My shoe size at Zara is hard to come by, I have to admit, they make a lot of cute shoes none of which are in my size. I’m finding that a lot of brands rarely carry size 5 shoes. A lot of shoes start at either size 5.5 an 6. For women with smaller feet, it is welcomed when a brand decides to create petite feet friendly shoes. I have found throughout the years that higher end brands carry smaller sizes, the only down side to that is paying the price of the shoe.



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